Do you fear the rise of Islam in the West?

What are your views on the demographic shifts in Western countries and the rise of Islam? Do you think this is a threat to Christianity? Do you think that Muslim immigration needs to be stopped? What is to be done?

Only if Europe accepts and understands and prays their Christian Faith ie start going back to Church, Islam will have no bearing. Alas secularisation is making the former very difficult.


A threat? No. We have God on our side. :thumbsup:

I fear the rise of atheism, agnoscticism, and just basic religious apathy in the west. What’s unfortunate is as people get less and less religious in the western world, Islam’s influence wil grow, even though I’ve heard that even in Muslim countries the birthrate is dropping, though it is still much higher than any western country.

Amen, brother. But Jesus only promised the gates of hell wouldn’t prevail against his Church, but he never said Western European Christians and their inheritors would be safe. I pray for the reconversion of England as often as I can.

I don’t know if “fear” is the right word. On the one hand, there will be a certain delight in seeing liberalism collapse on itself, brought low by its own wickedness. On the other, Muslims are no friends of ours, and their persecution would at the very least not be any less naked than what liberals are currently happily subjecting us to.

Then again, if persecution is inevitable, I’d rather Muslims be on the dealing end of it, for two reasons. One, a persecution is easier to deal with when it’s obvious, so better to have Catholics being fed to lions than for the Church to continue to decay under the long, slow grind of Brezhnevism. Two, Muslim supremacy would very quickly force wandering “cafeteria Catholics” to reevaluate their priorities, since they would no longer be able to practice their true religion under a radical Islamic regime. They would either have to join us in the lion pits, either as Catholics or as martyrs for infanticide, or formalize their heretofore functional apostasy.

My opinion is that politicians should take in their hands this situation, a minority that concentrates and take over an area. This is valid not only for muslims immigrants.

I have a great concern about the rise of radical Islam in the West. I know that Christ will prevail in the end, but as so many recent readings in Mass have stated, there will be an end to the world as we know it, a final conflict between good and evil. This is a fact if one truly believes what the Bible teaches, and RADICAL Islam just MAY be the catalyst to usher in the age of tribulation. Of course, right wing, racist so called “Christian” groups could also be that catalyst, or a combination of the two. Either way, we are to trust in Christ an hold our heads erect for our redemption is near!

History attests of God’s continous faithfulness and unfortunately of humanity’s self imposed deaf ear. I think Europe will wake up eventually but will come out with a few scars in the process. However being fearful will not help the situation as it will lead to suspicion, resentment, anger and eventually violence.

I think what is needed is both open dialogue and a desire by Europeans to have Christianity back in the public square (something becoming harder and harder as atheist secularism takes precedence).

Christians must be vigilant. The politically correct, multiculturalist Left has accidentally created a monster in unleashing Islam on the West by encouraging mass immigration. I just hope Western Christians will rally to the Cross in response.

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching us to war!
With the cross of Jesus
Going on before

To Christianity? No. They have tried to wipe away the name of Christ for thousands of years. Heck, Nero tried killing all the Christians! But we still exist. Almost 75% of the United States is Christian. Christianity will always be on this Earth, no matter who tries to do away with it.

I’m more worried about the war on Christianity from the (DUN DUN DUNNNN) Athiests. Trying to ruin Christmas here in RI, and the governor gives in to their every demand

Yes I do, and I have sense enough to know that while the Gates of Hell won’t prevail against the Church…it doesn’t mean God is just gonna magically make the radical Muslims disappear. Otherwise explain WWII?

I really don’t like the whole “Eh we got God on our side” to me it sounds purely lazy. We have an obligation to serve our future generations to ensure they grow up in a world safe for Catholics. Many Catholics had given their lives so we could have a world where Catholics weren’t under the tyranny of Romans, or kings…let’s not dishonor them because we are too lazy to do the work now and would rather want to “act tough” and boast about wanting to be martyrs.

Those martyrs of the past died so we could live our lives in peace. We should honor them, by working on re-evangelizing the Church, Christians, Atheists and push back against Secularism and Islam…instead of letting things get bad so we’re forced to become martyrs.

Muslims population will certainly increase substantially in the future that they may be able to influence the demographic, politic and the government of the country. In itself it can transform the face of Western society ranging from religion to social structure.


God helps those who help themselves.

We need to fight for our faith, not hide in the corner like cowards. Like others have said though, I’m more worried about the spread of atheism and secularism, not really any other religions.

God Help us all, give us strength to march forward :crossrc:

God is all merciful, but he is not a big softy. The West visits judgement upon itself by abandoning the truth of the Gospel. And Islamization may well be the price we pay for that mass ignorance and conscious rejection. Where I live, Christian churches are more or less empty on the Lord’s Day w&ereas Mosques can be found packed. And they take it seriously too - far fewer Muslims in England seem to drink alcohol than do supposed Christians cohabit, or divorce even.

And they have far more children, too.

I have no fear of the Islamic Faith. Pope John Paul II was very well received by the Islamic Faith in Africa. As far as it spreading, to the west, and being a threat to Christianity, God’s got it all under control. Have Faith! Pray for conversion. Communist, use to be the greatest fear 40 years ago. Prayer caused Berlin wall to fall.There are beautiful people, in all faiths.Yes there are radicals, in all faiths too.If you watch some Christian TV, the is record number of people, turning to Jesus Christ, all over the Globe. Russia, Europe,middle East, all turning to Christianity. I’m sure, some Muslims, are asking the same questions, about us Christians. Not to good of a track record with the Crusades.Lot of innocent people got killed.
God Bless

It is a tragedy to see Europeans being replaced by Islamic immigrants, who will totally transform the continent into an appendage of the Muslim world.

Immigration to Europe needs to be immediately halted.

Most Muslims teens do not practice their faith. When I was in school I met several Muslims who were lukewarm in their religion. Supporting gay marriage and other liberal ideas.

God bless you, and thank you.

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