Do you feel like you are a disciple of Jesus Christ?


Would anybody know that you are a disciple or even a Catholic? Are you bothered by failures in applying these terms to yourself?


I don’t know. And, yes.

Clarifying the “Yes”, I’m more bothered by my own failures to live up to the Christlike ideal than I am about how others see me. Others see what they want to see, which is often not how we truly are.


I don’t like to draw attention to myself in public. I try to use these forums to express my attempts at evangelization – to provide information, I rarely have the chance to stand out in a crowd.


I’d say that I’m an imperfect disciple and my coworkers have no ignorance that I’m Catholic.


We all strive to bring out the good in ourselves, just treating others in a way that we would want to be treated… It’s not that hard, we do stumble along the way but that’s ok,. pick ourselves up. Not everyone we come across will accept us for whatever reason, as long as we try to be good, kind and considerate we have given what is instilled in us from Jesus and His message to us God Bles::butterfly::butterfly:


First question - No, I don’t. In all honesty I don’t feel like that at all.
Maybe one day.
Second question - I am working on being truly deeply bothered by this.


Yes I do and I am strangely not bothered by my failures other than to be bothered by my failure to be bothered by my failures.


Not unless I told them.

I don’t feel like a disciple even though I try to be.


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