Do you feel more holy?


I love both Masses…both the Novus Ordo and the TLM…but fortuneatly, I went to a Mass today and got enrolled into the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular…I am on Cloud Nine…there is no greater feeling in the World…I am so glad that I am a member of St. Agnes Parish…I am so thankful that we have an Indult TLM… I couldn’t be happier…For those that haven’t experienced the joy and beauty of the TLM…I urge you to do so…I will not have it any other way. Msgr. Bergreen is the best Priest I have ever encountered…I just wish every parish would have such an orthodox priest as he…I am sorry that I am rambling now…I am so sorry…I am just thrilled to death that I am a member of the best parish in the world…anyone share the same feelings???


you just reminded me, I was enrolled in the brown scapular the Saturday before first communion, when we all made our first confessions, back in the pontificate of Pius XII. It used to be an almost universal custom. We still give the kids scapulars, and they are blest with their other religious articles, but we don’t do the enrollment ceremony. I think I will suggest to the pastor that we reintroduce this fine custom. thanks for the reminder.


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