Do you feel offended by people who come to the CC dressed as if they were at a barbeque in their backyard?

I am not asking anyone to dress up modestly for me. I am asking everyone to dress up, at least a complete dress when going to the House of God. as it too much to ask?
show some respect for the House of the Almighty.
shorts, women wearing pants and bowing with their backs to the people. not a very nice scene to look at it.

No I don’t. I’m too focused on the mass to be concerned about what everyone is wearing around me.

if I allowed my self to be personally offended by what people wear in public, at a Mass or any where else that ought to be rather formal, including the workplace, I would have to stay inside, have my groceries delivered, never go into a restaurant, work and shop solely on-line, and content myself with watching Mass on EWTN.


This isn’t the 1950’s. In the 50’s, everyone wore a dress shirt and tie - to work, on dates, whenever they wanted to look nice.

Now, when people want to look nice, they wear a nice pair of jeans, a patterned shirt without a tie - sometimes even a t-shirt.

The fact is, the number of events that require a coat and tie have diminished immensely. Weddings, dances, really fancy dinners.

People shouldn’t look like slobs in the ecclesia, yes, but what looks nice is a cultural norm, barring things like modesty. Although, honestly, 100 years ago, if a polynesian woman went to Mass topless on her home island, whatever. It wasn’t immodest in their culture, and didn’t lead men astray.

Do you think God cares what they are wearing or is he happy to see people there to worship him?

Why does the Vatican have a dress code if it doesn’t find some manners of dress offensive?

Oh come now, there is a huge difference between being in a grocery store or restaurant and the house of God! It has gotten to the point where our pastor actually told the congregation their attire has become so casual that he has a hard time at communion, he doesn’t know where to look, he is a man after all. My solution has been to attend at a parish where the attire, while not strictly enforced, is suggested and expected to be very modest. Houses of worship should never be houses of temptation nor occasions of sinful thought.

“…women wearing pants…”

Men’s butts don’t offend, but women’s do?

I’d suggest that you sit away from the Communion isle so that you stop checking out people’s butts.

Or better yet, bring a small Bible or prayer book to Mass and read it - avert your eyes and all those thoughts.

You also could try singing during the Eucharist. Having your eyes follow along with the song you’re singing.


Except the OP wasn’t asking people to dress modestly, but to dress up period. At least that’s the way I took their post.

I sit up in the front, so unless I watch–and I don’t–those in the Communion line, I don’t know what they are wearing. Although this summer, some girl wears short shorts. I did feel that she could have worn something more modest. Dressing modestly is different than dressing “up”. And much more important. Sometimes, rarely, I wear jeans to weekday Mass, but on Sunday dress up a bit more, not for others, but for God and me. I always wear slacks because of a medical issue. Don’t judge those that do. After all this is the celebration of the passion and resurrection of Christ and we owe Him our best. People spend more time and effort getting dressed to go out on an evening, maybe just to a bar or movie. God deserves our best for Mass,both in attention, dress and reverence.
I am more bothered with those checking their cell phones or sitting there writing in a notebook (that was yesterday), or talking during Mass and especially Communion.

Yeah, well, good thing somebody is, because I’m not: I can see what each and every one of you unholy fashion disasters are wearing…and I don’t like it one bit! Snaz it up a little, Catholics! Good grief; you won’t see the Episcopalians churching themselves in lycra and logo shirts. Would a little sartorial sophistication kill us? If I were a churchwarden, you would be flagellated for flip-flops, skewered for sneakers, and whipped for white after labour day (excepting any visiting Dominicans, of course). Don’t even get me started about shorts at weddings!

Gentlemen: pick up a copy of GQ. Ladies, ladies…spandex? Come on. Our prayers will reach the Almighty alot more successfully if we can manage not to offend His eyes and cause Him to repent of His own creation every time he peers into His sartorially-challenged sanctuaries.

And Father, smirk and snicker all you like; you are far from exempt from this indictment! In your sacerdotal mercy, spare us, at last, the polyester ponchos and the oatmeal-colored albs! Cheese and crepes, padre, Bea Arthur called: she wants her “Maude” costumes back. Have mercy upon the living and the dead and give them back to her. Albs come in this new color called “white”. And you can even wear them after Labor Day!


All joking aside…we Catholics do tend to present a rather slovenly sartorial image in church when compared to our Protestant friends. We could probably take a few lessons from them on how to dress for Divine service.

What you are seeing is the effects of Protestantism in our country. Dr. John Rao gives a couple of good talks on this. Here’s the audio files (.MP3’s):

He talks about your topic in one of them (I can’t recall which). :slight_smile:

I can see that interpretation. I’m not sure I can draw a line between dressing up and dressing modestly though, seems if we do the later the former will naturally follow.

The Vatican dress code has restrictions based upon modesty concerns, not style concerns.

I agree with you. When I was young, many years ago, we were taught to always dress properly when entering God’s house. Proper dress is simply a sign of respect. Of course, back then women also had to have their heads covered. I’d like to go back to those days! I am often the only woman in church wearing a skirt! You can’t have an audience with the Pope unless you are properly dressed. I’m sorry but I don’t think the Pope is more important than God. Let’s get back to dressing with respect and showing God the respect He deserves.

Well I’m sure my modest clothing attire wouldn’t pass the test of some of the members that have posted in this thread, because I do wear white after Labor day and I wear pants most of the time instead of dresses. “Dressing up” is subjective. I happen to like the way “Maude” dressed.

I saw a transvestite in a Mexican restaurant the other day, all dressed up, kinda like Maude (I guess) white gloves to hide his hands - or the hair on his hands. Why wouldn’t he just shave the knuckles…


What was the question?

I’m a student at a Catholic college, and the dress code is, well, there isn’t one. We get out of class and run to mass in whatever is on that day. For me, a woman, it’s jeans and a t-shirt. Some of my jeans are frayed at the bottom (you know, starving college student business). I own a lot of band shirts, some with tour dates in the back.

I had a woman once come up to me and say “You know, it’s really hard for me to concentrate on the mass because I want to read your shirt, so please don’t wear anything like that again.” Excuse me? It’s my fault you can’t exercise the self-control to not read my shirt? I don’t have the time or the money for laundry detergent to change outfits several times a day to accommodate my activities, so people can learn to deal. Now, if I was wearing my workout sweats and super short-shorts with a skanky top, I could understand the fuss. You can dress modestly without dressing up, and you can dress well enough for mass without being in your “sunday best.”

I’m not trying to impress God with my clothing. Why clean the outside of the vessel only? Isn’t what is on the inside that counts? I won’t show up to mass in my PJs by any means, but sometimes “normal” non-dressy clothes are all that people have. I typically save my best most dressy outfits for Christmas, Easter, and other major solemnities.

I think all the dressing up we do is ultimately beneficial to everyone else who likes to see people dressed up.

Oh right.

“Women wearing pants.”


Still laughing about that.

“You know, it’s really hard for me to concentrate on the mass because I want to read your shirt, so please don’t wear anything like that again.”


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