Do you feel safe going to Mass?


In wake of the recent Texas church shooting (and others like it), do you feel safe even going to Mass? Do you think there should be security at every church now? Would you consider bringing a weapon for self defense purposes?


With all due respect, I think this is a classic example of letting the media terrorize people’s imaginations with these violent tragedies plaguing our country. It is not a rational fear. The statistics against this happening are staggering. Now I am not saying it is not possible, but I think you have a better chance of dying of the common cold or slipping in the bathtub.


Most definitely. I actually go to Church very often by myself at different times in the week to do my duties and I lock myself in and feel safe. I’m with the Lord where else would I feel any safer.


Honestly, in light of the priest scandals and minor attacks that police NEVER follow up on, there’s always been a bit of fear in attending for most of my life. Not so much at a crowded weekend Mass, but at quiet weekday ones and Holy Days. Sometimes there are those skeevy nuts that just make your hair stand on end. I’ve been to a Mass where someone started screaming about the church hiding pedophiles and throwing missiles. He was subdued by a couple of gruff men and carted off by the cops…but you just never know. WAY too many nuts.

Not so much gun violence, but concerned about the priest, or about fire or something created to cause chaos and interrupt the Mass.


I feel safe in my church and all churches I visit. I am at peace at the Mass always. I choose not to live my life in fear.


I’m always alert and watching my surroundings. I know who’s walking in and who’s moving around. I never sit in the middle of a pew but rather at the end.


I do feel safe going to Mass, as my church is in the safest municipality in my state, and is a few hundred yards (a few hundred metres) from the sheriff’s department. Honestly, most of the problems we’ve had have been more or less weather related. That said, if a church wants to hire an armed guard, I’d support that.


Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

I cannot be afraid in the house of the Lord!

The media will not feed me their lies, I feel safe. (I also sit by the far side exit…mainly to be under the speakers so I can hear, but it’s still near an escape…)


I agree with the armed guard. When in Italy a year ago, every religious place we went had armed military outside. Some variation of that here wouldn’t bother me at all.


It saddens my heart, but it is reality…


Why wouldn’t one feel safe? Churches don’t seem any more dangerous than other places people gather.


Short form answer, yes.

Longer form, yes. If I had to deal with (at Mass) some people inhabiting various cubby holes of these fora, probably less safe.

As someone pointed out, there is more risk associated with many things, eating habits, driving, etc than with attending a Church Service.



Terror has been going on as long as human civilization has existed. It will continue to as well, as we are broken creatures and we all need the mercy of our loving Saviour, which is always around us. Some of us fail to recognise it, some battle demons, some are controlled by the devil himself. Evil lurks everywhere.

But at Mass I always feel safe, and if I am not, there is no better time to die than during the Holy Sacrifice.


If your soul’s in the right state it won’t matter much if someone came in to kill you. Still, it’s a shame that gun violence is so out of control in the US that people would even have to think of it. The idea of coming to Mass armed with a gun is an idea that most non-Americans in the developed world (to say nothing of many from developing countries) would find absurd and mindboggling.

I don’t follow the news for various reasons, but I know from a group of Appalachians I follow on Facebook that not too long ago (2/3 months maybe?) there was a shooting at a small church in Tenneessee. Eventually one of the men went to his car and got his own gun and if I remember shot the shooter.

If I’m not mistaken, the shooter was black and the victims were white, yet there was no public outcry or calls for legislation to be made to ban militant black organizations or anti-slavery monuments like there was with Confederate flags and monuments with the Charleston shooting. I feel less “safe” knowing that monuments dedicated to my ancestors and their countrymen are being destroyed for no good reason and that the remaining historical relics related to my Southern heritage are in danger of being forever lost because Americans, as compared to other westerners, are so “sensitive” and cowardly about race relations that they’ll easily assent to a mindless non-solution to gun violence, and, us usual, scapegoat Southern people, symbols, and heritage.

It reveals that the nation is so divided, scared, and confused that people are willing to believe that flags and historical monuments can be the cause of gun violence and that removing them will somehow stop the same. I feel that going to Mass with stupid people is scarier than the possibility of a gunman bursting in. The latter is unlikely, but the former is basically a given.

Some men in my town like to open carry their handguns, I assume as a way to assert their manliness, and I’m not afraid of them. Nor am I afraid of the large amount of men and women in my area who own firearms that they use for hunting and whatever else people do with guns in their free time when they’re not killing people. I’m not afraid that any of these gunowners, despite the general anti-Catholic attitude in these parts, is going to show up at Mass and start shooting us. The ones who do end up shooting and/or killing usually kill friends, lovers, or family members in domestic disputes. In the bigger towns, it’s usually over drugs/money. The likelihood of a “deranged maniac” coming to Mass to shoot folks is so low that it’s simply not a concern. Even if it were a great concern, I would rather rely on God’s protection rather than carry a deadly weapon into a House of God.

I understand that because gun violence is such a huge problem in the US, many people feel the need to own and carry a weapon in the interest of self-defense. I used to support gun “rights” so I know all the arguments for it, but you know, even that fellow in TN who shot the dude kept his gun in his car, NOT on his person. The fact that people even consider whether bringing deadly weapons into churches is a good idea or not says how crazy this state of affairs is.


I feel safe. :innocent:


Dear friend,

GOD is in charge

What He permits is UP to HIM

Have Faith and trust in the Lord

God is on your side

Get to MAss as OFTEN as you can, for it is at Mass that we meet our God, Jesus Christ in Person… HAVE FAITH in His Divine Providence

Pray very much, Satan is VERY active


I feel safe and I carry at mass.


There was a question there I forgot to answer, about having “security” at every church. Look, they’re enough of a pain in the airports, and (depending where you are), subways, railways, and private buildings. Haha. Who would pay for this? Before he moved away, my parish priest wore a cassock with holes in it. No doubt “the Church” is vastly wealthy, but I wouldn’t count on local parishes and dioceses to be fronting those kind of bills for such a useless expenditure. Thanks to the OP for hearting my comment btw. :slight_smile:


I agree. If this were to happen ,being in the presence of the Lord would be a blessing.:pray:


Considering that I have a staggeringly higher chance of being creamed in a truck collision on my way to church than I do getting shot, I feel fine at Mass.

I do not carry a weapon to church because I do not attend church way out in the boonies where law enforcement would take a half hour to get there. As I said on the other thread, if I spent my time out in the country where law enforcement is not readily available, I would carry a gun around everywhere. Perhaps I would even do that if I lived in some terrible neighborhood of a city. Neither applies, so I don’t.

I have to say I do not get the mindset of people who get all scared things will happen because they saw it on the news. I used to watch at least one true crime murder show a day and somehow never became fearful a murderer would burst through my front door, especially since I locked it and took reasonable precautions.

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