Do you find it difficult or easy to not support gay marrige/unions in this cultural environment?


How can “younger” (relatively) people keep Christian principles when it goes against the grain?


I find it easy NOT to support anything that’s immoral, and I feel very sorry for kids growing up today in a society that has created so much confusion.


No. What I would find difficult is separation via heresy from the Holy Mother Church.


There is no such thing as"gay marriage." God made marriage between a man and a woman not two members of the same gender.


I do not find it difficult to accept the Church’s teachings on marriage and human sexuality, but I sometimes find it challenging to discuss these beliefs in settings where I know others will be offended, and especially when those people feel that the Church is trying to deprive them or people they care about of the kind of spousal companionship most people desire. This challenge isn’t limited to same-sex unions either; it also applies to people who are divorced and want to remarry and to married couples that use contraception.

What makes it even harder is when I see that there are people in the Church who don’t have my back if I do stand up on these issues – this includes when clergy contradict the Church and when Church leaders fail to correct those clergy members, or when catechists use their roles to undermine Church teaching but are still permitted to be catechists. Basically, anyone who tries to explain why the Church can never recognize a same-sex relationship as a marriage is left looking like a mean-spirited, outdated curmudgeon who is just afraid of change.


It’s hard, I’m both a Catholic and a millennial and to be honest don’t feel I belong fully in either group.


I find it easy to be a person who does not support having gay marriage the way it is now in the current environment. The type of thing that I face is having to use certain language to keep my job. I can deal with that. I await the day, though, that I have to go to a “training” program and have to participate in a certain way to keep my job. These already exist at my work, but are optional. Then we’ll see. But I am not “young” as you likely mean.

However, if you are asking if I naturally go “eeewwww” over it, no, I don’t. I don’t naturally care about it and never will. I only care about it via caring about children and giving them their due.


I can understand what you are saying. My thought is that my identity is not dictated by my generation, but by my being baptized and belonging to Christ. When push comes to shove, I can accept the twisted cultural norms of my generation (this isn’t restricted to millenials, every generation has been called to stand for Christ in some form or fashion), or I can hold every thought captive and be conformed to Christ. If you don’t belong fully in either group, perhaps you should figure out where you are trying to hold onto two opposing world views and pick one. That came off sounding harsher than I mean it. I am legitimately concerned for you and hope that helps clarify some things for you.


So you are old by this standard?


By reading St Paul’s letter to the Romans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No its very easy for me to not support it. Being against it in a more vocal way requires many skills, and I don’t have any of them.


I’m going to say something controversial: I don’t have to support or oppose it, any more than I do divorce, because it’s not a point of contention. Obgerfell isn’t going anywhere and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. My LGBT friends are not likely to invite me to their wedding. So no not difficult to be opposed–I treat them the same as the divorced and remarried.


I love and care about the people but those that know me well enough to address this situation with me KNOW I do NOT support SS unions at all. I support those with SSA especially trying to live a CHASTE life and offering it up. I pray for all with SSA.


Despite having SSA i don’t find it difficult to not support gay marriage. Yes many people may disagree with me, however I can show them why I don’t agree with them and show some compassion and understanding for those who don’t understand and may stereotype me as being a bigot


No, I don’t find it hard to not support so called gay marriage. I have a lot of friends, family, and aquaintances who identify as LGBTQIA. They know I love them and want the best for them (even if we disagree over what “the best” is). They also know that I will go to bat for them and defend them against any unjust persecution.

The LGBTQIA are children of God just like the rest of us. They deserve love, respect, and compassion just like the rest of us. When they sin, Christ desires that they repent and be reconciled to Himself. He desires to give them mercy and love just like the rest of us.




LGBTQIA= lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allies


I find it harder to be publically pro life


It is far more difficult for me to deal with “serial marriages”. Folks who are marrying after a divorce (or after 3+ divorces) with no tribunal review.

Every gay friend I have understands the Church’s teaching and would not want to put me in an awkward position.


I strongly dislike a culture of secrecy and lies.

Before homosexuality was “out of the closet” most kept secret and lied about their lives. These secrets and lies destroyed many other lives as well. Households were mainly traditional with a man who earns income and a women who takes care of the kids and the house. When a man kept a secret like homosexuality from her, it often destroyed the family when the secret came out. The wife and children were left like orphans to fend for themselves; except the husband was alive and ignoring his duty. This meant financial ruin, emotional ruin, and spiritual ruin. However, the woman and children usually recovered given enough time. Even when the marriage had made arrangements to extend the marriage, the betrayal and hurt was often visibly over bearing. Not the mention the threat of sexuality transmitted diseases.

The fear of homosexuals from heterosexuals often caused the gruesome beating onto the homosexuals. Which is understandable on why they wanted to keep this “in the closet“. Still today in atheist countries (China & Russia) homosexuals are still beat up.

I can’t say I support homosexuals lifestyle, but I’m more secure in the fact that they can be honest and open rather than live in secrets and lies.

Sources: 1980’s-1990’s Day Time TV shows like Oprah.

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