Do you find this promotion for LOST to be offensive?

"The Last Supper" as the cast of LOST

Nah, the last supper has been done over again and again. Like many other pieces of art.

Not sure about offensive… but it’s definitely pushing it.

If I said I did, it’d be a lie. That image is my current desktop wallpaper.

To be honest I found it to be a little clever given what I know about the characters of Lost. But I don’t really see it as a mockery of the Last Supper as I do a parody of a well known piece of art.

Offensive? No. Pretty clever, actually.

I’m pretty sure they were just making use of Da Vinci’s compelling representation, and did not intend anything more than that. The show’s portrayal of Catholicism and Christianity has always been positive and respectful.

yes and no.

it many, it’s just a reference to a piece of art. and there are many familiar with the painting, and not familiar with the event it represents.

it’s kind of striking, but i wouldn’t protest it.

I don’t think so. I’m more offended because they left Charlie out! Plus there’s 14 people, so…

I would think it clever too, If it hadn’t been done a 1,000 times before… Now its like. “meh seen it.”
I’m dissapointed in lost. Isaw the first half of the season. And i thought “yeah, This is gonna be good.” But it sort of fell flat after the first half of the original season.

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