Do you genuflect?

*My dh, kids, and I do…I have been noticing that people don’t really do this much anymore…back in Pittsburgh, it was very common. But, since moving to Florida, I only see a handful of people at mass genuflect before entering the pew. Just curious if this tradition is passing away–do you genuflect? I grew up doing this, so to me, it’s a sign of reverence before sitting in the pew, that’s all.

Just wondering if you do this yourself before and leaving mass. *



I genuflect when walking in front of the tabernacle, and I genuflect when entering and leaving the pew. When I used to illicitly present myself for a blessing in the communion line (which everyone does and no one told me not to do. frustrating) I would genuflect before approach.

Everyone in my parish genuflects. It’s awesome.

I went to an Orthodox church and upon leaving, genuflected and crossed myself left right in front of the tabernacle (which was hidden by the iconostasis).

yes, I do. I am guessing that one of the reasons people don’t do this because some of the Church don’t even have Tabernacle obvisously shown inside the church; thus, people walk into the church as if they just enter any building. Once, they get used to this, they continue to do it in any other church.

Yes. It is not tradition, it is reverence, and is not optional (aside from those who can not physically do so, and should at least bow if they can not genuflect).


Yes, every time I get up or sit down.:thumbsup:

Yes! Also the problem I think is people are not catechized about why we do it, and also might be due to lack of faith in the Real Presence.

Do any of you nearly get “stampeded” when you genuflect after the mass has ended (when your’e leaving?) This has happened to me the last couple of times, I think due to more folks coming for Easter (& Octave of).

At my church if you stay till the last song is done you will not get ran over. If you try to leave right after the father gets through the doors you might get ran over!:slight_smile:

Agree-I wonder why it seems to be stopping though…back in Pittsburgh, EVERYONE did…even fragile, elderly people…I would swoon when I saw them, they were just so reverent:o, even though they struggled physically. But, in Florida? Hardly anyone does. :shrug:I don’t notice before mass, I tend to see it happening after mass…because they are bolting so fast out of the pews, that I’m nearly toppled over, when I am kneeling down on one knee before leaving my pew. :rolleyes: Maybe they think I’m tieing my shoe or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my current parish the tabernacle is kept in a separate room with a solid door and is not visible, so I do not genuflect, but I bow to the altar. If the tabernacle is visible I genuflect toward it.

When we go to a different parish, even my 7 yo knows to look for the tabernacle and genuflect.

All the time.

Yes, of course. Odd that a parish would not do it unless there isn’t a tabernacle.

Do you have a tabernacle behind the altar or in a different place. There’s no need to genuflect if there’s no tabernacle. Bowing to reverence the altar alone is appropriate.

regretfully, no, because I am now having diziness and falling episodes, it will make more of a spectacle if I can’t get up than if I do a profound bow.

I genuflect before entering the pew when I go to Mass in English. When I go to Mass in Spanish, it seems that the custom is to enter the pew without genuflecting and kneel once you’ve reached the place you’re going to sit.

I do - about 90%+ of the time. Regretfully, very occasionally, due to crush of people or similar, I don’t get the necessary space to do it. Sometimes, if I think of it, I genuflect in the pew before leaving to eliminate such problems.

I DO do the double genuflection for the exposed Blessed Sacrament though (as well-taught by the nuns in school). :cool:




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