Do you get regular exercise? What do you do?


Well, that’s great. :stuck_out_tongue:

I felt really crummy all day long. I don’t know why. So didn’t do much. Tomorrow I will run.


Oh,and I’m testing out singing loud as I can in the car …maybe it helps the lungs for breathing?I know the laughing I do after being spotted does…:face_with_monocle:


Silly Billy. I laugh at people singing and dancing in there car, especially at stop lights.


:thinking::grimacing: so it was you, interrupting my new routine …:flushed:
Next time I’ll wear a :santa:


I did that on the day before Thanksgiving for my afternoon commute. Also rolled the windows down. Because of the traffic, I was facing perhaps 2 hour or so commute. With the singing strategy, there were people pulling off the road and getting out of my way. I think they were thinking “we better let this crazy woman by. Who knows what she will do”. As a result, my commute was “only” about a hour.


:rofl: I can picture it!
I’ve always had a soft voice ,I think singing is helping a bit…sometimes I get a start when it’s loud!


I did a lot of raking leaves this week. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: On Monday, I had nearly 27,000 steps. :grinning:


@Joe_5859, apparently it does count.


Every single day, dumbbell curls running and walking. I do at least 10 km with the running and walking. I have a Mini Stepper at home, so I can even do it when it’s cold. My legs are very muscular, probably the only muscular part of me.


That’s impressive


You would not laugh at me if our windows were down and you actually heard me singing. :rofl: I was not blessed by the Lord with a singing voice or as my grandma used to say that I “could not carry a tune in a bushel basket.”


Yeah, I work out at a gym about five times a week. I do bench presses, crunches, chest press, leg curls, leg extensions and sometimes I go on the bikes.


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