Do you go to mass more than on Sunday?

Do you go to mass more than on Sundays?

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Sometimes I will go to a weekday Mass if I go to confession on a weekday. I would love to go to daily Mass, I just live too far away from town.

Yes, usually on Friday nights. On all other days my parish has Mass in the morning, and I cannot make it.

Daily mass.

I go to weekday Mass if I have a day off. My work schedule is weird, so I might hit a few weekday masses in one week then not go again for several weeks.

I go to daily mass every Thursday which works with my weird work schedule. I’ll also go other days if my brain decides I don’t need sleep. :laughing:

Usually on a Friday and one other day if I can get out of work early.

I usually go on Thursday, occasionally on Tues. also.

I would like to go to Mass more often than just on Sundays.

Holy Days of Obligation too. I have a feeling that was not what you had in mind when asking this question though.


Every day. I actually read at weekday mass one week a month. Last night my schedules for reading overlapped and I had to read at the 7 AM mass and the 7 PM novena mass.

Since I retired I go to daily mass. It is a great blessing! I love it. Mass is about to begin now!

Yes Holy Days of Obligation and weekday morning Mass on Tuesdays & Thursdays when I can.

I go to daily mass 2 or 3 days a week. Sometimes adoration on Fridays.

I’m retired and try to go to daily mass.

Yes, 3 to 4 times during the week depending on work. I travel out of town

Peace and God Bless

Yes, although not every day. If I may be so bold–why do you ask?

Because mass is therapeutic . And relaxing

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I go daily because I can. I am a senior citizen and do not have to go to work. It is a blessed way to start my day.

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Daily Mass can also be convicting; and if we are receptive we can grow in the life of the Lord.

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