Do you hang your laundry outside?


Just a quick and dirty poll. Do you hang your laundry outside?

I only hang sheets and rugs, but wow do I love the feel and smell of crawling into sun dried sheets in the summer time. Mmmmmmmm!!! :smiley:



Couldn’t really vote. I have hung clothes out and like to, but now I have 2 with serious allergies so I don’t any more.


I like to hang sheets and quilts and some of my clothes outside when the weather cooperates and when I have the time. The only drawback is that the sun can fade some of my clothes and I can’t avoid the sun in my backyard. But I love to smell the clothes, and the cottons require less ironing. I don’t hang out my undies or towels (too stiff).

My husband, however, hangs out almost all of his clothers except undies. The guy next door, who is single, hangs his out, too. It is rather funny to see these two big guys talking over the clothesline.:slight_smile:


In the 22 years I have lived in Houston I have only tried to hang out laundry once. It mildewed. Too much humidity to dry anything in the open air.



I don’t hang out clothes because I’ve had a few things stolen that way!


I could only hang my clothes out for about it 2 weeks in the summer. We get lots and lots of wet weather here. So no I have not done this ever.


I love to hang sheets outside but not only has it been prohibited in our last 3 parks, here in Texas the wind can easily shred them, and leaves them peppered in dust and other allergens.


With four kids, DH, and my father...yep. We hang them out. I'm starting to use the dryer more and more lately, and I need to stop doing that. I will throw the towels in to fluff for about 5 minutes after they are dry.

But, yeah. It saves SO much money!


If I were to hang my laundry out, I would have to carry loads of it out the backdoor, down about 23 steps, and then back up 23 steps when it was dry again. We live near water, so ducks and geese frequently fly overhead, leaving occasional deposits on cars and even windows. It is much easier and convenient to plop it all into the dryer next to the washer, hit a few buttons, and be done with it. Plus, I often throw a load in as I am walking out the door or before going to bed, so the timing would not work for me.


There is a near-constant wind here, which would seem great, but it gets dust on anything left outside. We can't clean the glass picnic table in the morning for a dinner in the evening without having to touch it up again near dinner. Our neighborhood doesn't allow clothes lines, but once I realized that drying outside would get the fabric dirty all over again, it didn't bum me out so much.


Good for hanging diapers. Sunlight is awesome on stains. :)


As soon as it is warm enough I hang out our cloth diapers, all our sheets and bedding, and a few other items- bath mats, etc. I find it stretches and bleaches out our clothing and actually makes us need to replace items more quickly than using the dryer. I love crawling into bed with freshly air dried sheets, though.


[quote="lizaanne, post:1, topic:242855"]
Just a quick and dirty poll. Do you hang your laundry outside?

I only hang sheets and rugs, but wow do I love the feel and smell of crawling into sun dried sheets in the summer time. Mmmmmmmm!!!!! :D



I always do. The the clothes are crisper, smell fresh - and it saves a ton of money. Also, I think your clothes last a lot longer.


There’s nothing you can buy in a bottle that can compare with the scent of laundry that has been sun-dried. Here in South Texas, there is nearly always a stiff southeast breeze that, along with the sun does a dandy job of drying my laundry.
Even when it’s not laundry day, on my way into the house, I’ll twang the clotheslines to check the tension–can’t stand drooping lines.



It seems to be the norm in Australia to hang it all outside. Also we live on 5 acres, and can't see the neighbours so it makes perfect sense. Cheaper than a drier, too.


Morning All,

Wow who do I have to thank for the small problem I have now to face? When I clicked on this topic, a song popped into my head. GROWL!!! So I post it here to share.

Sing it loud and sing it proud to the tune of “God Bless America.” It sounds really great in the shower at top volume.

God bless my underwear.
My only pair.
Stand beside them and guide them,
though the rips and the holes and the tears.

From the washer,
To the dryer,
to the clothes line in the air,
God bless my underwear,
my only paaaaiiiirrrrrrr
God bless my underwear,
MYYYYYY onlyyyyyyyyyy paaaaiiirrrrrrr.

Yeah it’s late at night. Maybe I should go put on a CD.

God bless.


I would love to dry our clothes outside, but we have neighbors who believe that anything a person leaves unattended in their yard is fair game. No joke. One neighbor recently came home from vacation and the only way they could get all their potted plants back from the neighbor two doors down was through police intervention.


Yes, everything goes on the line when the weather is cooperating. In the summer, laundry day is determined based on the weather forecast. Winters seem never-ending when you are waiting for the first fine day to hang the sheets and pillowcases.

When we bought this house, installing a clothes line was the first thing I had DH do. In this neighborhood almost every house has one. I've never noticed if others censor what they pin up but I figure we all wear undies so I've no qualms about hanging them out to dry. It might be different if I wore Victoria's Secret. :D


I would, but I'm not too far from the water, and some days outside smells like those nice beach scented candles, sometimes lowtide is a bit stinky.

But, my boiler room is toasty so I can line dry things in there so I don't need ot use the dryer.

My kids' uniforms get air dryed. Sweaters etc.


Wow - stealing stuff off laundry lines, I never would have guessed!!! :eek: We have an enclosed backyard with a new tall privacy fence, so I would not have to worry about that I suppose.

Love to see how many still line dry their laundry!!


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