Do you hate others' sins more than your own?


Arrogance in others just gets under my skin. My arrogance however is totally understandable. I must have had a reason. My intentions were noble anyway. Whereas those other people are clearly behaving with a wicked agenda.
Humility comes naturally to me whereas I notice others struggle. My advice would be bow your head down more when you walk. Hardly ever look in someones’ eyes. that way they know you are being really nice and humble. it works for me.
Can you believe the way some people talk about themselves like they are the centre of the universe? Whenever I speak, I think of the needs of my listeners. How can I enlighten them. Inform them. Keep them from sinning again. being helpful is probably my strongest trait, apart from humility that is.


Duh, who doesn’t? Seriously though, good point, we should hate our sins and strive to be more holy, which is under our control anyhow.


Yes, I am so proud of my humility.

Thank you for the post. Those thoughts often stop me from contentious responses I might otherwise rashly make.


Your potential sins are forgiven.


Yes I can believe it, I see it where I am it is called Narcissism


Did I miss something from the Sermon on the Mount? Was there a “Blessed are the narcissists” line?


Ron, another thought provoking thread. :slightly_smiling_face:



Sometimes, you have to ask others what your own faults are. Maybe it helps grow in humility?


Margaret, what are my faults?
sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind. Go on. I can take it.


No, I was talking objectively. I don’t know what your faults are


My strongest trait is sarcasm followed by snarkiness.

Are those sins?


I am humbly proud.


I think you need to raise your level of humour. I’m your role-model.


I was always told that the things that irritate you the most in others…are almost always the same things that are your own most glaring sins.

You hate your own worst traits when you see them in others, even when it’s done unconsciously.

I’ve often found this to be only too true. :pensive:


I think they call that “projection”. In psychology anyway.


You could be right.

It probably wouldn’t hurt anyone to decide what bugs them the most in other people, and then examine themselves to see if they are guilty of the same thing. :frowning_face:

We (all of us) can be…um…a bit blind when it comes to our own faults. :wink:


ok you first. or would you rather be the analyser than the analysed?


Naw…that’s ok. I don’t have thick enough skin to have Confession on CAF. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have a multitude of faults that are glaringly obvious to me right now.

Definitely wasn’t trying to point fingers at anybody…was just making an observation. I hate self-examination as much as the next person. :tired_face:


I’m happy to be the guinea pig on here then. Rarely will I read an insight from another on me, that I don’t already know about myself. Most of us have a warped sense of ourselves though. Sometimes I overrate myself and sometimes I underrate myself. I’m thinking right now that God is probably annoyed with me writing this.

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