Do you have a crucifix above your bed

I use to have mine above my bed but when my bedroom got redecorated the bed was moved infront of the window so now my crucifix is above my bedroom door (inside) :smiley:



Yes I do.

Above the inside of my bedroom door.

Across the room from the beds in our bedrooms, so as we pray we a looking at the cross.


There is a crucifix next to the door way of every bedroom door, generally above the lightswitch at eye level.

No, but I plan to get one sometime soon…

Which one would you get?

At my parents’ house, the crucifix is above my bedroom door, on the inside, whereas at college, my bed is in a small nook, and the crucifix is on the wall right at the foot of the bed. :smiley:


My crucifix hangs across the room above my computer. I look up frequently as I type. Somehow I know that the Lord guides my thoughts.

In my bedroom yes. Above my bed no. Upstairs bedroom and bed is positioned where the ceiling slopes to the roof, so not possible. I do have a rosary hanging on my though:D

Yes, I have a hanging shelf directly to the left of my bed I hung it up there so I can kneel on my right side of my bed and look up and see it as I pray. Very effective.

no, mine is at the foot of the bed. Makes it easier when saying prayers.

In my bedroom above the bed, where my great-granmother put it after they buried my great-grandfather in 1968 (it used to be their room). It was the cross that was in his casket during the wake.


I have a crucifix on the wall right outside of my bedroom,where I can see from inside my room.Also have large art niche outside my bedroom where I have placed a beautiful statue of Mary,with my Dad’s rosary in one of her hands.:slight_smile:

Yes. Its 28 inches tall and heavy. If it ever falls off the hook at night, I’m toast. :wink:

I one on the wall opposite the bed so it is the last thing I see at night before I close my eyes and the first thing I see in the morning (after the alarm clock).

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