Do you have a favorite cheese?


smoked cheddar is my favorite


Gruyere and Roquefort.
Sardo and /or Provolone melted with spices.
Brie with berries and nuts…
But I like all cheese in general.


No one has said Cheese Whiz yet?


What do you call an empty can of Cheese Whiz?

Cheese Was


Ooh! That’s so bad buahaha!!!:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Thanks for the recipes (I’ve tried making macaroni and cheese at home from scratch and somehow it never turns out right, so I look forward to trying yours. Perhaps a cookbook is in order?) ! When I was an exchange student in France I discovered ‘gratin dauphinois’ which is basically scalloped potato casserole - definitely an all time fave.


When I think of Asiago I think of living in St. Louis; at the time there was a local chain there called the St. Louis Bread Company and perhaps because Asiago was all the rage then they were always promoting their asiago loaf. It was pretty tasty.


Goat cheese is awesome. I have a weakness for that French brand that mixes it with garlic and herbs, Crotin I think it’s called.


is cheese wiz real cheese or chemicals mixed to taste like cheese


I’m pretty sure it’s processed cheese-like product
I would actually rather not know


No, it’s naturally occurring in a can.


I do too, and first tried in when I was stationed in Greece years ago. I also like Limburger cheese sandwiches.


Any fans of Havarti here? Or Fontina? I see those a lot in the supermarket.


Trader Joes, if you have one in the area, typically carries a wide variety of a lot of different cheeses.these provide a good way of sampling different cheese types. Gives you an indication about what you like and don’t like in a cheese.

P.s. send any you don’t want to me. I’ll properly dispose of them. Yum.


Might as well mention Velveeta too.


I can’t think of Velveeta without thinking of my grandparents, since I never saw it except at their house in Hyattsville, Maryland.


I’ll agree with you here :slight_smile: It’s pretty versatile too and my kids used to really like it ,also
fresh goats milk yogurt …yum


I like Cheese Whiz on celery sticks. Cottage cheese is also good on celery sticks.


Cream cheese and/or peanut butter for celery stalks.


Fontina is delicious! It melts beautifully.

I love extra sharp cheddar for eating with crackers and for cheese sauce.

I too like those soft cheeses in the container with herbs and garlic.

My daughter: " I wouldn’t want to live in a world without cheese."

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