Do you have a favorite cheese?


I work part-time in a winery and we sell cheeses that are made here in New Mexico. I love their asiago and their Monterey Jack with roasted green chile and garlic. They used to carry a chipotle cheddar and one called queso del Patron (which literally means, “the boss’s cheese”) and it was made with Patron tequila! We weren’t allowed to sample it to kids and you could almost get a buzz just from the smell when you opened the package, but it made awesome quesadillas!


I like Muenster, shaved thin.

I like Havarti, shaved thin.

Used to have a particular brand of farmer’s cheese that we never got tired of, but then we moved away from the source. :slight_smile:

Every once in a while, I love mozzarella pearls. :slight_smile:

I don’t like great giant chunks of cheese, because it can be kind of dry, but being able to get the flavor without the dry texture is awesome.


I am one of those people who never ate a cheese I didn’t like. I even enjoy Limburger cheese. I just love cheese.


A great secret of homemade mac and cheese is don’t bake it, don’t even heat it in a pan on the stove.

Use the heat of the fresh cooked pasta. Move fast. Throw your pre grated cheese and butter into your pasta as soon as you drain it and get it in the bowl. I mean fast. Stir well, very well, very fast. Experiment with amounts on the butter/cheese to get the taste you like. I warm a little milk (not a lot, makes it soupy) - like a tablespoon or maybe two…) in the still warm pan that I boiled the pasta in. Burner is almost off, just long enough to heat the milk to room temperature, under a minute. Add your milk to the mac and cheese, salt and pepper, head to the couch, flip on the TV, Enjoy!!

(a light toss of paprika and dry mustard is nice too - white pepper instead of black interesting variation)

(there are actually many very good simple homemade recipes online and elsewhere: you can bake it w/ bread crumbs crust, all that - but the quick one above is just as good or even better)


A treat recently while watching a good film was having a hunk of Colby cheese with my hot chocolate :slight_smile:
Bonus of eating cheese at night is vivid dreams …not sure how that works


I agree. Hot Chocolate and cheese go together well. A slightly milder cheese, like Colby works well.


There’s a brand called Borsin that’s really good. I don’t know if that’s the one that you may be thinking of? It has been around for a long time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Co-Jack is really good. If someone isn’t familiar with it, it’s half Colby and half Monterey Jack cheese. Just really yummy. Great on sandwiches, and it makes a really great grilled cheese sandwich, and it’s good for cheese and crackers, too. It’s a great snacking cheese. :cheese:


I’ve had that. Agree. Good on Ritz crackers or Triskets.


Kraft has a recipe for mac. and cheese made with Velveeta and shredded Cheddar cheese.

I have to tell you that I personally think that it makes for a really great mac. and cheese, in my opinion.

It comes out really nice and creamy, due to the Velveeta. :slightly_smiling_face: :cheese:

It’s my favorite go-to recipe when I want to make a homemade mac. and cheese recipe. I don’t think that it’s hard to make, and I double the recipe for it so that we can have leftovers.


One of the guys at work proved to me that if you mix the powdered cheeses packet from the mac and cheese with those Styrofoam packing peanuts, the resulting thing is indistinguishable from Cheetos.


I like many kinds of cheese. One that I think has not been mentioned, although I am not sure it counts as a “variety of cheese” in itself, is cheddar or similar cheese with Jalapeño peppers in it. :open_mouth:


I would tell my kids it was Monster cheese, so naturally they thought that was exciting


And since we are approaching Christmas season, don’t forget those yummy Port Wine Cheese balls covered with nuts.


@cheezey, come over and let’s talk about cheeze!


I don’t have a favorite… I love so many of them. check out: :slight_smile: !!! Stinking Bishop is a great cheese. has nothing to do with the clergy, of course. If you like cheese with a “character”, try the REAL Muenster, not the wimpy American version. Then there is “kvargli” (you can Google it), which has a very strong smell and flavor… I was lucky to taste the real Gruyere, made in the village of the same name. Unbelievably good… A long time ago we went hog-wild in the Gourmet Shop, and had 22 different kinds of cheeses on the table… was that “hog-heaven”, or what? Let me go and scavenge the fridge. :slight_smile: I am sure I will find some good 'uns. :wink:


I had a piece of gruyere for breakfast this morning.


My favorite right now, off the top of my head would be traditional Applewood smoked cheddar.


You folk made me hungry, so I went out and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich (havarti and cheddar ). While I was out there, I checked. Unless I missed some, there are 11 different cheeses in the fridge.


I’m impressed. I think I have 3 or 4 kinds in my refrigerator.

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