Do you have a favorite show on EWTN?

Do you have a favorite show on EWTN that you follow regularly?

Threshold of Hope

anything with Fr. Mitch.

Life on the rock and World over live

Life on the Rock
Rome Reports
World Over

The Journey Home…


Lots! :slight_smile:

Anything with Fr. Groeschel. “Faith and Culture.” We really, really enjoy the kids’ show. Anything that comes on with Fr. Barron.

Anything at all with Mother Angelica. :heart:


Same here.

Also the Open Line show on the radio (Fr. Mitch is on Wednesdays).

Same here.

I have a favorite show, but I never see it anymore. Does anyone recall the older priest who played the piano and talked about sacred music and philosophy? I just love him! Who is he and when is it on?

Fr. Groeschel ? hmm I do not seem to recall a show like this

Oh no, but I love him too. I tried to look for him on the EWTN website but couldn’t find him. He would play lines to a hymn on the piano and dissect each line philosophically. It was really enlightening.

Maybe you could shoot an e-mail or something to the EWTN website. Maybe someone there can help you.



and Saints alive

Saints Alive and anything with Mother Angelica!

The Journey Home

Sounds like you might be referring to Fr. George William Rutler. He has a website at He was the best thing on EWTN. He did two or more shows - “I Was Glad”, “Christ In The City” and some other shows on sacred music. A real intellectual that just had me mesmerized. He is no longer on EWTN but you can get DVD’s of “Christ In The City”

The Journey Home
The World Over

Same here. I like watching Journey Home, especially when Marcus Grodi asks if there were any things that were preventing the guest from converting before the full conversion happened and usually it was mama Mary.

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