Do you have a hobby?


I love to collect clippings of recipes from the newspaper, especially ones that have a story attached to it.

For example, I have a funny clipping of a recipe a mother-in-law gave her daughter-in-law who was tired of hearing her husband praise his mother as being a very good cook. Her kindly mother-in-law eventually gave her, the daughter-in-law, a simple but unusual recipe that she eventually became known for among her friends (and she ended having her story printed in the newspaper) because it was said to be very delicious.

Some of the recipes (usually the simple ones) I collect I do try out because I get intrigued by the story I read about it. I want to see if it really is what it claims to be. Some turned out to be a “hit”, others a “dud”–but, at least, I know. :smiley: As they say, “the proof of the eating is in the pudding”…and I mean that literally.

Well…this is my hobby–quite far from what I normally do as a dentist/Nursing student. A few people were surprised to find out that this is my hobby.

I wonder if other people here also have hobbies that are far from what they really do in their regular jobs.

Anyone wants to share what his/her hobby is?


A fairly recent hobby of mine is bird-watching. After moving from California to North Carolina four years ago, I was amazed at the variety of birds appearing on our property. We’ve set up a number of feeding stations and enjoy watching them - and chasing away the opportunistic squirrels. :slight_smile: We occasionally see the local deer visiting the feeders in the early evening - as well as raccoons late at night. My enjoyment of watching the birds led me to participate in the “Great Backyard Bird Count” held annually in the U.S.:

I also enjoy gardening - especially with roses - but those same deer particularly find roses bushes a tasty dessert. This wasn’t a problem where we lived in California, but the deer are everywhere here.


Ma. Eugenia, do you specialize in Filipino cuisine, or do you collect recipes from elsewhere? Do you get the cooking shows from the U.S. on your television? If not, this link will take you to the recipes presented by the various “celebrity chefs” of the U.S.:

Oh, and I could do with a good recipe for pancit. :slight_smile:


I enjoy flying radio control model airplanes with my husband. We’re been doing this for 30 years. I also enjoy quilting, backyard birding, camping, gardenting, designing web sites and just plain ol’ reading, especially a good bio. I have plenty of hobbies and interests. I can’t wait until I retire (about 3.5 years!), so that my work schedule does not interfere with my fun. Thank heavens I have the summers off.

You always hear comments about “work piling up” well, for me, “fun piles up!!!”



Not very unusual, but I love scrapbooking and card making. I’ve been scrapping for about 10 or so years, and have completed about 30 scrapbooks. Most are my kids pictures, but I’ve made “gift” books for my sister’s 40th birthday and my aunt’s 80th. I did an album for my parents’ 50th anniversary with my sister.

I started making cards a few years ago after I went to a Stampin’ Up party at a friend’s house. I have lots of stamps and stickers and paper…a room full. I’ve done Christmas cards for various people and groups and some wedding invitations. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something when I make these cards. BUT when I tried to sell them at Craft Fairs, nobody wanted them. Hmmm…maybe they’re not as cool as I thought they were.


I enjoy designing and building houses and villages out of LEGO bricks. :slight_smile:


When I have time, Carpentry and fishing!


I pick a topic and learn everything I can about it. It’s usually something that I saw that piqued my interest, and often it’s religious in nature.

Currently it’s the Amish. I grew up around them but didn’t really know much. So I go to the library and get as many books as I can. Go online and read online resources, etc.

Then when my interest has been satisfied, I’ll move on to something else.



Not counting the internet? :). I play Irish Music on the concertina and I am an amateur astronomer. This doesn’t count of course reading… I have too much time on my hands… I must find a woman and get married and have kids… That ought to eliminate my free time…



My hobbies are showing dogs, bird watching, crossword puzzles, gourmet cooking.


birding (over 800 species are residents or migrants here in the Valley), cryptic (British-style) crossword puzzles, logic puzzles (just started learning how to construct), unusual jigsaw puzzles.


800 - and I think I’m doing good with 35 or so that show up in my yard. :wink: Love those logic puzzles!


We have four species of birds: brown, black, red, and blue.


Gee, I wonder where you got your screen name!:smiley:




My hobby is photography.






You don’t have Goldfinches?


My husband and I do on-line puzzles together- it’s our daily routine. We compete against each other on a cryptogram, jumble, play four and 2 jigsaws. My name is also Ann, so I too could be PuzzleAnnie, but am not.:stuck_out_tongue:


I love sudoku puzzles… I’m slightly addicted… :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to play the flute… well, still do on a very rare basis.
I love taking pictures of my kids and posting them online for friends and family…

We exercise a lot as a family… bike ride every weekend, go to the gym during the week… I love working out! :slight_smile:


Yes, I play roleplaying games, sometimes strategy games and much more rarely other kinds of computer games. I know this makes me immature in the eyes of many people, as well as an unworthy candidate in the eyes of many young Catholic women, but I still stick by my hobby.

Additionally, I take interest in matters concerning archaelogy, generally history, ancient civilisations, mediaeval ones… generally ancient and mediaeval more than anything, but not excluding others. I like languages a lot, as well as other cultures. I take some interest in other religions. What else? I know how to make webpages and I can make quite nice ones. I know this sounds pitiable, but I take some pride in it.

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