Do you have a lo-cal/lo-carb snack that you enjoy?

i’d like to get some ideas. i am counting calories for lent and need some good lo-cal/lo-carb snacks.

i did google it but i wasn’t impressed with the standard offering. i don’t like artificial sweeteners. so please point it out if you add something with it in it. i realize others don’t mind artificial sweeteners. so please post them, others may enjoy them.

i like green beans fried in bacon grease but that isn’t low carb.

my low carb one is plain asparagus

Celery - I hear you actually burn the calories it contains simply by chewing and swallowing.

Pickles are a good low-cal, low-carb snack, also.

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I don’t know if they are low carb, but I like grapes.

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ay yes,

if you buy the right ones they are a good source of probiotics.

i recently added them. anyone remember the old deli barrel pickles. who makes one that tastes similar?

i am looking for a good non-vinegar water and brine pickle. any suggestions?

i think a cup goes around 70 cals, but i can’t stop at a cup.

i freeze them during the hot summer months

dill pickles. I could eat jars of them. They are so yummy!

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Are you looking for a recipe or store bought?

store bought unless the recipe isn’t too hard.
i am not very good at cooking.
my cold coffee comes out wrong haha

i thought this was funny


What you pickling? Much depends on that.

As to the original inquiry, hard boiled eggs. Low cal, low carb, easy and cheap. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

i want a good probiotic pickle

Yes, but what food specifically?

Here’s a link for quick and easy brine dill pickles.

The brand name I thought was a non-vinegar type does indeed have vinegar.

Yes, cucumbers are easiest. I actually only use salt, water and garlic. I choose organic cucumbers and don’t wash them. The bacteria responsible for the fermentation live on their rind. The salt keeps all bad bacteria at bay, but you have to use a lot (but not too much, or the good bacteria go dormant). The ratio that works best for me is 10g of salt for 250g of cucumber.


Not always low cal, but many are zero carbs.


i’d like cucumbers and cauliflower if i made my own.

I think you could use the same recipe that Milt posted. I’ve never pickled cauliflower, so if you give it a go please be sure to let us know how it turned out :slight_smile:

Hard boiled egg
Cold, cooked shrimp - I think one large has about 22 calories so you can eat 2-4 for a lo cal snack.
Canned tuna
85% dark chocolate - 1 square has about 50 calories and only 4 carbs ( I often have a square after dinner with a cup of coffee)
1/2 c of cottage cheese is about 100 calories and only 3 or 4 carbs
side salad w/ low calorie dressing
some deli turkey breast slices w/ a little lettuce inside and a few drops of dressing
baby carrots
100 cal snack pack of nuts
kale chips
1 oz of beef jerky (about 80-100 calories and 4 carbs)

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My favourite at the moment is a rice crisp bread with nice thick slices of truss tomatoes(tasty vine type) with
salt and pepper.Perhaps with low fat cheese, but just on its own is great .

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sounds good, maybe some sweet onion would go well.


Avocado Chips
Hummus with Vegetables or Pita Chips
Low Fat Cottage Cheese topped with Low Fat Salsa
Celery filled with Low Fat Cream Cheese
Cloud Bread (love it!)
Tomato Chips
Kale Chips

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