Do you have a "Mass Kit"?


Ear plugs and ear buds are a huge gift in my opinion. It completely blocks out the din in my parish church which can be just hideous. It’s just wonderful. I can focus on the readings or prayer or even listen to some good music without interruption. Once again, they are just great – I wish I would have made them part of my kit 20 years ago.


I grab my rosary and perhaps a copy of the catechism for reading ahead of the chaplet if there’s time after confession. But, save for occasionally bringing a bottle for holy water that’s about it.

  • Collection envelop with check.
  • Kindle with spiritual reading, for before Mass and for those times when things run off the rails, like 5 minutes of announcements during the homily time.
  • Phone with iBreviary, which has prayers for Mass preparation and for after Holy Communion.
  • Head still attached to neck.

That’s about it.



Why would it be appropriate at Mass?

And an MP3 player with headphones? Seriously?


Our parish provides Missalettes with the readings in both English and Spanish.


Why WOULDN’T it be?

Serious as cancer.

My earplugs and MP3 player with ear buds are a GODSEND! How I wish I had used one 20+ years ago before Mass to block out the nasty din!


I live in a conservative area and have never witnessed anyone with ear buds on at mass.

About 10 or so years ago at our old parish liturgical committe sent out notice in our bulletin about what is proper as mass. It said that they aren’t handing out bulletins before mass because of distractions of people reading it during homily and that one should not read the Missal during mass but focus on the altar especially for the gospel reading. There were other things in it I forget but it was writren in a way that assumed that all congregants were using items to distract themselves from woshipping.

An mp3 player would really send them over the edge, and tying this with your other thread, yes I believe they would verbally attack you for this.

We belong to a more sedate parish now. Lol.


Depends where I attend Mass. But I will list down what I bring to Mass on the following days:

– Sunday Mass in my parish (8:45 am in Filipino)

  1. My Filipino Missal (only on Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, i’ll yet have to buy one for Ordinary Time)
  2. Phone, complete with the Hours of the Day, so I may pray Lauds before Mass starts.
  3. Earphones, since I listen to music on the way to church and from church on the way back home (my house is a reasonable walking distance to the church)
  4. Some money, so I can treat myself (or my fellow youth ministers) after the Mass for some soft-serve ice cream

– Weekday Mauds (Mass and Lauds) in the University Parish Church (6:15 am in English, though I only usually attend on Friday since I only have a morning class after that Mass)

  1. School stuff
  2. Phone, complete with the Mass of the Day.
  3. Breviary



There is some truth to this. The number of people that open bulletins when the homily begins is rather shocking when viewed from the sanctuary – at least in my parish.

Nothing but a bunch of malarkey. It all depends on what helps an individual to absorb the proclamation.

Your “liturgical committee” might try to. Once…



Either they would tell you it’s not acceptable, or ask u what teams is winning.:slight_smile:


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