Do you have a shrine in your home or in the yard? Post pictures!

The beautiful church thread that is still going strong made me wonder about how many people here have shrines in their homes.

These can be anything from a simple statue with flowers tucked into a corner of the back yard to a spare bed room transformed into what looks like a small but ornate chapel.

If you have anything like this, please tell us about it and post pictures! You may just inspire other do-it-yourselfers! :thumbsup:


Here in the Midwest, it is common to see the BVM ensconced by the upper half of a discarded claw-foot like bath tub. I’ve heard Protestants refer to it as “St. Mary of the Bathtub”.

What a beautiful little shrine!

I’m working on mine! It’ll probably be a week or so before it’s ready…I think.

That’s funny. Around here they have statues of Mary surrounded by a scalloped surround. People call it “Mary on the half-shell”

Thats beautiful

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