Do you have a small inner voice that tells you what to say and do?

Do you believe it is from the Holy Spirit?

Not so small at times and not actually a voice.
It can get very annoying when it tells me what I do not want to hear.
Ulimately from the Holy Spirit, but a guardian angel seems also involved.

I would not call it a voice at all. That is misleading…possibly psychotic.

Intuition, maybe, more like a tug in the spirit or persistent thought.

Yes. Its called my conscience. :slight_smile:

Like, literal voice? No. And if you hear one you should probably see a doctor, even if that voice is only telling you to do good things.

But yes, I have that thing in me that keeps me on the straight and narrow. I think it’s a conscience.

Yes, more like an internal whisper, I believe it is the holy spirit or my guardian angel stimulating my soul, and yes, at times the spirit of darkness tempting my soul.

Is that like the bumper sticker–“I only do what the voices tell me to do”?:eek:

I get that negative “voice” in the back of my mind that tells me “You’re a fraud”, “You can’t do this”, “You’re worthless”, “They’ll find out about you.” It nags most often when I’m under stress. I thought I was the only one until I talked with a friend of mine, now passed, who was in my Bible Study. I’ve since found that many men suffer from this negative voice, and at one point the priest of our former parish gave a homily in which he said the proper response is “vade retro satanas!” because such a voice would never come from God.

I have had that voice too, especially when I became unemployed about 5 years ago. Our town is along the Rock River in northern Illinois and for a while the voice would tell me I was worthless and should jump in::eek:

I have my stream of consciousness. In other words, my own thoughts rendered as the perception of words and sentences. But there’s no voice associated with it. It doesn’t even “sound like” my own voice. It doesn’t sound at all.

I also have expectations for responses other close friends and loved ones that come to mind through out the day. For example, if I load the dish washer and put a spoon in the same compartment as a fork then the response of the person living with me comes to mind; which would be nagging me for not sorting the two properly.

While many of these were derived from people outside myself I cannot say that I’ve ever had any voices communicating with my in my head.

In summary, No. that’s not something I would assert.


It’s not always present, and doesn’t supplant The Gospel, the Ten Commandments, and the Beatitudes, as interpreted by the Church, but it does prompt me in particular situations.

It is sometimes there when I start to gossip. It is saying “Stop”, while another part of me is saying “There’s nothing wrong with this”.

It is there when I may have decided to attend Daily Mass, and then realise that I am tired and that by attending Mass I might put my health and other duties in jeopardy, and it says “Attend to your health and duties first”.

It is there when I go to bed very tired and want to skip prayers tonight, and it says “You can say prayers. You MUST say some prayers”.

It is there when a smart and persuasive person says “Trust me” and the voice is saying “Be prudent in your affairs - that’s nobody’s job but yours”.

I like this. :thumbsup: It describes my experience as well.

I do have a voice like losh describes too…but it’s focused wholly on the negative.

Yes, but it isn’t really a “voice,” it’s more like inside, I know what is right, and what I should/shouldn’t say. However, most times I do the opposite, and end up paying for it in the end by not listening to it. :blush:

I think that both angels and demons can send “thoughts” and sometimes we can “hear” them;

No, I haven’t?Maybe it’s some sort of mental disease, you know, voices whispering in your head?

Not a literal voice, but yes, sometimes there is an inner prompting. I will not presume to identify it with the Holy Spirit, my guardian angel, or any other supernatural being, in contrast with my own common sense/conscience/whatever, but sometimes when I am about to do something that seems neutral I get a “don’t do this, do that.” Sometimes it’s a simple “STHU” when I’m in a verbal discussion that’s hinting at going south.

At our parish there is a 24-7 Adoration Chapel. One Sunday morning between 5 and 6 AM, I had a one hour turn there. While there I fell asleep. Suddenly I heard a “voice” tell me to “wake up!” When I came to I looked around and no one was there except a woman who was no where near me, and probably didn’t know I was there. Also the clock on the wall said it was 6:15! So some supernatural being had to have told me to wake up, much like happened to some of the Apostles in the Acts when they were in jail and were sleeping.:shrug::eek:

Part of it is me thinking out loud, some of it is my GA, and hopefully some is the Holy Spirit. The negative stuff is obviously from some spawn of the devil. :eek:

It can be a mental problem …

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