Do you have a Sunday Missal?


Do you have a Sunday missal and take it to mass with you ?
Or perhaps read the readings and gospel before coming to mass?


I don’t. I do get the readings in my email, but that’s a free subscription, a day behind.
When I am scheduled to do a Sunday reading is when I make the effort to read and prepare ahead of time. Otherwise, I wait for the official proclamation.


I’ve an email subscription also…a day late :slight_smile:
My mum has always taken one to mass,I’m not in the habit but am tossing up the idea.


At some point in my journey, might be high school, I was told the proclamation was to be heard, same as the first Christians. Not to mean we should not read and/or discuss beforehand, or read during liturgy when we can’t hear. You know what I mean.

I appreciate that suggestion, to imagine the receptiveness of those first hearers of the Word, to listen in expectation.


I use the missalette provided by my parish. I read it before and because I am a catechist for RCIA, will make notations during the readings and homily - points to bring up with the group when we read and discuss the readings. As a former Baptist, I always carried a Bible and made notations. I do like hearing the gospel proclaimed. I do find I remember more reading along with a pen in my hand. I see the missalette as a Bible, but rearranged for the various liturgical seasons. I’m curious to see if most bring their own missal (which version) or if the parish provides them.


I use the Magnificat for Mass. I always follow along.



I attend Mass in the OF on Saturday evenings and in the EF on Sunday mornings. Separate and distinct missals for each. There are no missalettes, but every Saturday evening there’s a sheet with the hymns, responses and readings for that Mass.

Both Masses are offered in a combination of French and Latin (predominantly French with some Latin for the former, the reverse for the latter). Being a natural Anglophone, I review the readings—of which there could be up to five different between the two Masses—several times in both English and French during the week leading up to these Masses, then I follow along in the relevant missal during Mass. If I don’t do this, I sometimes get lost. :blush:


I use this one:

mostly at home, ahead of time. Whether I take it with me or not depends on where I’m going/when I’m going and whether or not I’ll have to contend with both children.

Like @Crocus, I was taught (and prefer) to listen to the proclamation of the Word and not read in the pew.


I have one which i use at home .

But I use the missalette at church .

I still have the daily missal which my parents gave me on March 16th 1957 . :smile:


I have a inexpensive yearly missal. I either use it or the one the church provides. My missal does not have the alternate readings, and my parish often uses those. So, it’s often easier to follow along using the missal the church provides.

I need to get a better missal. I really like being able to follow along.


I have this Missal. I don’t follow along with the readings at Mass, I listen. But because I’m a reader I do review the readings ahead of time if I’m scheduled to read that week.

As a child in the late 50s, early 60s I’d viewed a Missal (picture a big zippered black tome) as a very adult thing to own and had looked forward to having my own. Then Vatican II happened and I don’t think I saw a Missal again until the turn of the century. When I found out that a Canadian edition of the St. Joseph Missal existed a few years ago, I immediately purchased one.


I have the MTF Missal that I use for daily Mass, but I use a missalette on Sundays because it has the music section.


I have an MTF Daily Missal, though I don’t use it as often as I could.


I have the Angelus Press 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal.


Yes I do have a Sunday Missal.
On Sunday mornings, I like to take the time to read all of the readings and to think about them before I attend Mass.
It is a great way to start the day on Sunday!


I bought a St. Paul Daily Missal after the last round of Mass changes. It’s very nice, but since I only really use it for the first and second readings and the responsorial psalm, I don’t always remember to bring it! We do bilingual readings at Mass, so it comes in handy, although sometimes I amuse myself by trying to catch enough key words to figure out what the reading is. But Paul’s sentences are complicated enough to follow in English; my linguistics aren’t sufficient to follow him without some sort of help! :slight_smile:


We use the Magnificat at our Church. If I am the reader for that particular Mass I read the readings ahead of time and also if I don’t miss our weekly Bible Study we go over the 2nd reading in our class for the upcoming Sunday.


Yes, but haven’t been using it lately.

It’s helpful during Lent when many of responses are in Latin. I should use it more. I don’t know if it’s from laziness or what.

Thank you for this topic.


Yes, I have a Sunday missal. I’m deaf in my left ear, and sometimes have trouble understanding the readers. The missal is helpful for those times.


The only missals I have are too old to be used at an OF Mass and too new to be used for an EF Mass, so I just keep them for research.

I do try to read the readings online prior to Mass.

As an older life-long Catholic I am pretty familiar with the Sunday readings already. So hearing a reading from a new reader using inflection different from what I’ve heard in the past can be more useful than just reading the words myself…

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