Do you have a Sunday Missal?


I really like the Magnificat, it’s available in French as well. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, it follows the French liturgical calendar, not the Canadian one. So from time to time it’s out of synch.

Of course, since I attend Mass at a monastery, Prions en Église is out of synch as well on occasion, as it follows the local Roman calendar, not the monastic one. So Epiphany, Ascension Thursday and Corpus Christi are transferred to the nearest Sunday, while the monastery celebrates them on their traditional days (Jan. 6th, Thursday and Thursday). Plus there are saints that are mandatory memorials that aren’t in the general Roman calendar.


I have a Sunday missal that I use to follow along on Sundays, and iMass app for the propers during the week.


Hello, I do not have a Sunday Missal. I do however, with my wife, host a “Small Faith Sharing Group” of a half dozen+ parishioners where we pray through the Sunday scriptures using the lexio divina format. This has been quite powerful for us as it both prepares us for Sunday Mass and helps us to remain accountable to living our faith with fellow Catholics.


Forgot to mention I have both Missals. So whichever form of Mass I’m heading to, I’m covered.


I think Magnificat is a handy size for the often elderly people who are carrying it around. It has largish print, pretty pictures, and interesting saint stories as well as the liturgy for each day. A lot of older people might find a fat Missal for all year hard to manage, and hard to see the often small type. Since Magnificat only covers one month, it’s much more user-friendly.


I subscribe to Magnificat which has daily readings, morning and evening prayer, and meditations on the readings and lives of saints. It also has all the Mass parts and has been indespensible when doing Mass around the world as it easily fit into my mass kit.


I have an old (maybe 1956) St. Joseph Missal, but admittedly don’t look at it too often.


I have a St Joseph’s and Today’s Missal (OCP).


I have a St Joseph’s missal too, Lily :slight_smile: I finally located it and marked the page for Sunday’s reading .I will try taking it next week.


I do. For a while I didn’t need to bring one to Mass because the Sunday readings were in our hymnal, but that’s no longer the case.

The belief that an individual should not read along while listening to the reading or Gospel proclamation is pure 1970s hooey. Do whatever makes you connect most deeply with the word of God.


That’s true. If you were sitting in say a Shakespeare class in college, trying your best to understand the text, you’d read along with the orator. I put the same effort into the Mass.


Well I finally took my missal to mass,and it really helped keep my mind on track and take the words in better.Even though I have good intentions at the beginning of mass I often tune in and out of the readings so I’m really pleased to be able to follow along and stay focussed .
Next Sunday I’m going to try reading the Readings early before mass :slightly_smiling_face:


I experienced the same, especially given the point that the missalette provided does not contain all parts of the Mass. I appreciate what is said as I listen and read at the same time.

Another bonus is that the missal that I use also contains memorials, novenas, etc., which I also use for prayer.

Finally, I feel that using a missal challenges the feeling that we are part of a “throwaway culture,” where even Scriptures and prayers are printed in disposable leaflets.


I actually have two missals! One from my mother and one from my grandfather! :smiley:


Sometimes it is good to read by yourself as the reader or deacon/priest pronounce the words as if it is a different language they are reading in.

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