Do you have a TV program you unexpectedly found that you enjoy?

I was channel surfing and found a television program that I never thought I would enjoy:

“How the States Got Their Shapes” on the History channel.

Do you have a television program that you unexpectedly found that you enjoyed. One that you were sure you would dislike, but … you enjoy it.

I surprisingly enjoy “The Apprentice”.

I half-heartedly turned on “Dancing With The Stars,” thinking I would just give it a onceover, but have been a pretty constant viewer since. I like to see the progress of the stars, and see how they react to success or failure.

I cant think of any.

I gotta go… the Frasier marathon is on and I have been glued to it for the last week…


PS… I like the "how the states got their shape’ show… WV was interesting and I didnt know another state is in Missouri.

Criminal MInds tried hard not to watch but it grabbed me.

Monk my son kept turning it on telling me that I would love it. He was right.

Hoarders got me to throw things away. Now if I could only convince my daughter.:frowning:

Oh my… Hoarders! I never thought I would like that either… but… when its on, I cant take my eyes off of it.

We are both in luck. A new season starts soon on A&E:D

Dont venture to animal planet…they have an animal hoarders show.

Too late I’ve seen it:blush:

Off the Map. I don’t normally enjoy medical dramas, but this one got me by episode 3. Here’s hoping they keep it on.

“1,000 Ways to Die” on Spike. Very uncharitable to say I enjoy it, but I cannot believe the stupidity of some of the people on that show - the freak accidents that kill them.

And “Platinum Hit” on Bravo. I already like it better than American Idol - the contestants really have to be talented, i.e., writing the chorus in under 30 min, that sort of thing.

Too late. It was already cancelled, but (presumably) will be on DVD:

can’t imagine why I am hooked on HGTV since I know nothing about home renovation and DIY and have no intention of learning (see the i am a klutz thread)

I was given the box set of Six Feet Under a few weeks ago, and I was expecting a fairly dour, artsy show ready to depress me at any given moment. However, to my surprise, it is a deeply thoughtful, spiritual journey laden with terrific writing and acting. I recommend it to anyone!

I also have a soft spot for Strictly Come Dancing; a real guilty pleasure of mine!

MI 5 on PBS. British crime show somewhat similar to CSI but better plot lines.

The Rosary on EWTN. I thought it would just be annoying but I love to say it with Mother Angelica and the nuns!

I just watched “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” last night and I can’t say I enjoyed it…but I was very interested in that Traveler/Gypsy culture. They are Catholics but it’s a very different way of life.

“Intervention,” while I find it SMH-worthy, I also like that some of the addicts do get and stay clean.

I don’t care for survival shows ( Bear Grylls "Man v. Wild, etc.) but I really enjoy Dual Survivor with Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin. The interaction between Dave and the barefoot Cody is fascinating and the scenarios are actually somewhat useful.

I should probably be embarressed to write this one on a Catholic forum…but I really enjoyed all three seasons of Sons of Anarchy. I’m pretty darn into Shakespearean themes and that show is heavy on the Hamlet stuff. The violence and crudeness didn’t fluster me for a second- but then I used to watch Deadwood without batting an eye back in the day.

Don’t care for Bear Grylls or Dual Survivor, but my wife likes and I enjoy “Man, Woman, Wild” … a real life married couple out in various harsh places. On one or two occasions, they would have died if not for the camera crew and back up team. Hypothermia in one case, and extreme heat exhaustion in another.

My favorite is/was “Survivorman” with Les Stroud. No camera crew. Don’t know why he decided to pack it in. Maybe he had too many close calls. Got pretty sick a few times.

I watched Arrested Development after someone recommended it to me, and man. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen. I love the running jokes and self-referencing humor, and nothing is safe from a legitimate mocking on that show, especially other TV shows.

This means that unfortunately, it takes some shots at Christianity (the Christian character has a “Christian music bonfire,” which involves throwing “satanic” secular CDs into a fire), but when taken with all the rest of the jokes (it mocks both liberals and conservatives, Christians and atheists, the military and anti-military people, and everything else), it’s hard to interpret it as anything other than simple humor.

Also, 1000 Ways to Die. I find myself sitting down whenever I find my sister watching it.

Watched 2 episodes yesterday. I can’t help myself thinking that if the cameramen would just share their water bottles…problem solved!


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