Do you have any advice?


I was browsing for information and i came across this site. I want to say hello to all, who’s made this possible and to all contributors.
I hope i won’t be termed as forward but would like to ask a question at my first forum entry.
I got pregnant in January and by march i realized i lost the pregnacy, a week after that i was still diagnosed as pregnant and the doctor found ou that i had an ectopic pregnancy. I was operated upon, the ectopic pregnancy was removed and the tube was lost, the other tube they removed a cyst from it and repaired it. I have been hoping to get pregnant since then.
Please advice me. I really desire a child



Hi Tinny,

The Catholic Church would consider such surgery as necessary and not abortion—but rather the removal of a diseased organ. I’m not sure what advice you are looking for. Certainly, I will be praying that you will be given a healthy pregnancy soon. Write again if I can be of help.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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