Do you have child preparing for 1st Communion?


If you have a child in this life chapter please let us know so we can keep y’all in our prayers as they make their journey.


…including my prayers


Actually I’m goona ask prayer for a couple of little ones in my family, whose parents are actually not bothering to take them to prepare for their First Communion and I’m afraid that this will lead for future danger for their little souls. They are such beautiful and good children :blush:

Saint Marcelino Pan y Vino pray for them.

Thankyou for this GREAT thread!!!

“Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls”
“My Jesus, pardon and mercy, by the merits of Thy Holy Wounds”


Will remember these children in my prayers…


Praying for all making their first communion!


Praying for all children making their 1st Communion, including my daughter Allison. God bless them as they continue their spiritual journey.


I will keep Allison in my prayers, and others as they are posted, and also for the children in Galiea’s family that might not make it this year. Very sad.

In our parish the pictures of these CCD children are posted near the sacristy. This year we have 15 children preparing for Holy Communion.

A couple of weeks prior to their big day, the teachers ask members of the parish to pick a child and send a him/her about their 1st Communion.

Because I feel like I have 2 parish families (home and CAF) I felt a need to know if any of y’all had young children preparing for next spring.


Praying for all the little ones

May God remain in their hearts always and may they welcome him and receive him with great joy and love.


Indeed we do have! We have the incredible Daisy, and her whole year and 9 days older cousin Sarah. And we have 10 other children at Daisy’s school in the second grade, and I think 8 in Sarah’s in the third grade at her school.


Our 2nd son, Christian, makes his First Confession Jan. 17th and his First Communion in May. Thank you for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated!


That’s happened in our parish and the unofficial ‘sponsor’ sometimes gave the chosen child a little gift after their First Communion…in your case forget any kind of ring! your family, not a good idea!

Jesus please touch the hearts of these children with true faith in Your presence and true welcome of you as loved Friend, and help them to desire to always remain faithful to this amazing Sacrament.


please pray for our brood, 2 on Christmas (teens), 90 third graders before Lent begins, 14 catechumens and 9 candidates for Easter, 40 older children after Easter, 3 and 11 adults teens who will receive communion and Confirmation in May. might as well pray for the 68 teen and 24 adult confirmation candidates as well while you’re down there on your knees


Please say a prayer for our son John, his cousin Keegan and the nearly 60 other kids making their first Communion at our parish this spring. God bless. Thanks!



Our youngest, Mary Bernadette, is due to make her First Communion in May (not sure of the date yet). Her First Reconciliation is in January… right after we all get back frommthe March for Life in DC.


My daughter Emily will be making her first reconciliation on May 2 and will be receiving her first communion on May 3.

The registration paperwork just came home from school on the last day before Christmas break so I’m not sure how many others will be joining her yet.


Our son will be going to his first reconciliation on 1/27/09 and receiving 1st Communion on May 3rd. Please pray for him.


Please pray especially for these members of my daughter’s class, each of whom has at least one parent who is hostile to the Church:

MIchael’s mother, a Protestant, is bringing her son to
CCD class while her “formerly Catholic” husband is now Wiccan.
Rosie is not attending class at all as her father is determined not to allow his wife to bring the children up Catholic. (Yes, this should have been settled earlier, and no, she is not the most dedicated Catholic I have ever met; still, none of this is the child’s fault)
Pray for the innocents.




please pray in a special way for those poor children caught in the middle of warring parents who use this as a wedge and an issue, and pray especially that parishes and catechists will be able to meet the needs of these children in the area of sacraments.


My darling Holly Hobbit will be makeing her first communion this spring- please include her as well and I will pray for your loved ones!!!

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