Do you have family members that have different religious beliefs?


Do you have family member’s that have different religious belief’s?
Yesterday I was talking to a Mormon-a Baptist-a. Pentecostal- and a catholic.


My family is all Protestant. I am the only Catholic.


I may as well. Most of my family are Baptized Catholics that are non-practicing. They don’t seem to have any faith, though my mother insists she believes in God.


My family included uncles, cousins (mom, sisters and children) etc are Catholics but only as a title and I have 1 or 2 uncles who changed because their partners (wives) and now they curse the church, statues etc.
In the weddings and funerals we can attend because almost all of us are Catholics.


My husband’s family is not catholic but he is now. And if we have children they will be too.


I can relate. My mother insists she believes in God. She was Catholic growing up and divorced. Now she says the cover up of sexual abuse in the Church had made her "absolutely sure the Church is not the true Church " etc etc.

My sister is an atheist but said she might come to a church with me because she needs some peace and finds it there still. She was raised Catholic as I was for a FEW years growing up…so we’ll see.

Let us pray for all discerning their Faith…


My biological father is a Muslim. We just don’t talk about religion really. I think he’s wrong and he think’s I’m damned. lol


I am the only Catholic in my immediate family and there are only 5-6 of us in extended family of about 150. The rest are mostly of some Protestant denomination. There are only a few who have issues with the Catholic faith and were quick to let me know.


My dad is Jewish but not religious.


My parents are agnostic. My mom has recently become interested in religion, and I think she is searching, but it’s hard to help her or provide reading material because she doesn’t speak much English. She is not interested in Catholicism though. Says it’s too strict with all the “rules.” It’s sad when people see the rules before they even know God, and reject the Church because of their faulty perception.


My family is all Catholic. I’m the one non-believer.


Yep, everything from Muslims to LDS to Evangelical and then there is me :slight_smile:


My immediate family are conservative baptists. I have put a moratorium on talking about religion with them. It tends not to work well.


Right now it’s just my H, daughter and my parents-in-law that are practicing Catholics. His siblings (3 of them) are not, all the rest of my family, except an uncle, is deceased and only a couple were sometimes-observant of the Orthodox religion they were raised in, the rest were atheists, people who had no religion or had abandoned Catholicism, and the uncle is not Christian and doesn’t practice any other type of religion. Our son stopped attending Mass due to a job which requires regular work on Sundays, nights and weekends. He says he still believes, but doesn’t live that way now that he married a non-practicing Protestant (in a Catholic wedding, TBTG).


My parents were nominal Quakers but there was no local church so I was never raised as a “church goer” and we kids were left to find our own way, religiously speaking. I have one sister who is Baha’i, a sister and brother who are atheists, a brother who is Roman Catholic, and another brother who is somewhat attune to the Christian world but takes no active part in it. We all get along, though the Baha’i sister was a pain for a time early on. :slight_smile:


My father’s family are Lutheran and my youngest brother is going through an angsty atheist phase at the moment. Apparently there were a lot of fireworks with my grandparents over religion years ago, but I think they’ve largely just decided to accept what they can’t change at this point. I remember there being a passive aggressive war about the Thanksgiving dinner prayer every year when I was a kid…


I’m the only Catholic in my family. My mother, father and only brother are believers but are not practitioners and don’t adhere to the principles of the Church. Most of the time is really hard because they don’t understand or agree on many of my choices.


My family is mostly lapsed or ex-Catholic. So much fun. :roll_eyes:


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