Do you have post-traumatic stress disorder?


i was just wondering if you could share whatever you feel comfortable sharing (if anything?) about this “challenge” in your life… how you deal with it, how it has changed the way you live, etc.

I have it… got it from being the victim of terrible human evil and inustice… (very long story).

Today i am a totally different person yet i still have to suffer the consequences of the bad choices i made when young… (got involved w/ the wrong people, etc…). Now that i am a strong Catholic (wasn’t back then), i can offer up this cross, in union with the Cross of Jesus Christ… for the expiation of my sins and for conversions…

I have gotten some healing but know that some things will not change… (lack of trust toward others…)



I don’t but I have a friend who suffers from it. PTSD episodes have landed her in the mental institution more than once, particularly at one particlar time of year when the memories come flooding back. She almost lost her children over it but she is a great Mom when she is not suffering these episodes! The cause is childhood ritual abuse, of a very satanic nature, so it could hardly be a more serious cause.

Only as an adult have these memories come flooding back to her and she gets a lot of counseling over it. One thing I know is she deals with it by focusing on each particular memory as it comes (not panicking over what else will come or how big the memory wil get) and dealing with it thru techniques she has learned.

One of the most effective things she has used is E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) which she learned online, also went to a practioner of it, and now she says there is a book out on it. Also the Feelings Buried Alive book helps her a lot too. Both techniques are about curing the core problem. Both have helped me with other emotional issues, coincidetnally I found these tools and techniques myself for my issues (but PTSD is not one of them for me).

Another thing I know would work is Christian healing by those trained in the John and Paula Sanford healing method. They have a website. I have found help in this after contacting them after reading their books, Healing the Wounded Spirit and Transformation of the Inner Man.

So thats my second- and first- hand experience in that. I think it can help you. I know there is help out there for you, and healing. Jesus knows and undersatnds what temptations and circumstances were in your life. He has great compassion for all your weaknesses and all your humanness and error that goes along with that, and in fact He loves you even more for it. He has made provision to bring you all the way out of the darkness.



thank you for this wonderful post… so uplifting… and compassionate…

and thanks for the references… I am going to try to find those books…

i almost didn’t post this thread… because i don’t like talking about my issues, esp with strangers… but sometimes strnagers are more understanding and caring than… well, peole who aren’t so “strange”… (you know what i mean… ):smiley:

Anyway… it is really weird that you bring up satanic abuse because just a few minutes before posting the thread, i was thinking about that kind of abuse… and how going through that in childhood must make for the worst ptsd of all. I also was abused (neglected) in childhood, but not like that, thank God!!!

I will pray for your friend… I have had dealings with the devil… just not exactly like she has… but he is ruthless with me in other ways…

I hope she realizes how powerful the rosary is… and hope she prays it all the time… rosaries are used in exorcisms… The rosary is waht made me a true, practicing Christian…

God bless…


I used to know an ambulance driver who subsequently suffered with PMT due to his experiences with accidents etc. It is a cruel suffering. Prayer for all sufferers.


Dr.'s say I show signs of ptsd, but I haven’t had any problems with it in a while. They also say I am bi polar and have clinical depression. That and $2 will get you a loaf of bread.:smiley: 2:00am here.
Ever see the movie “Jacob’s Ladder”? That is what is was like for me.


Apologies!..a dreadful typing error. PMT shoud read PTSD:o


Yes I am going to counseling because of it .It started ever since my sisters came back from foster care and they were bringing home friends that were in gangs and they robbed me and we had home invasion and held hostage by one of there boyfiends.


A friend of mine suggested PTSD, maybe some day I’ll ask about it. I don’t get panic attacks anymore. Used to get them real bad. Stressed with the dumb job mess and annoyed with the state BUT heading downtown tomorrow for a place that I know some of my ol’ co-workers got into tech at… had an interview there once before several years back. I know how to answer the questions this time… I hope! :eek: Just ask if they can have someone guide me to a bus stop and I’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


i think the “disorder” is more common that people think… more than psychologists say… I think police officers probably suffer from it… but are too macho to admit it… :smiley: i


what is that movie about? i’ve heard of it but don’t have a clue…


not too dreadful…

not as dreadful as the one i did… i said that Jesus (St. Matthew 16:18) promised that Satan would overcome His Church!!!

:eek: :smiley:


how long ago was all that? :eek:

hopefully you know the rosary…?

The rosary always calms me down, lifts me up t o the heavenly realm… and then i can say to the world, the flesh and the devil:

See ya, Wouldn’t wanna be ya… :smiley:


This is a scene from when he was put in the hospital.


this stuff was going on since 2003 up to now .And yes I do pray the every day


Its been going since 2003 up to now. And I do pray rosary every day once in a group before daily mass and afterwords at home by my self.


Best laugh of the month, Distracted. I have tears in my eyes!!! Laugh of the Year I reckon!


Hi Top!..I suffer Bipolar but when first ill, the psyches stated Paranoid Schizophrenic, and then Borderline Personality, then followed about 5 years of saying that they didn’t know what was wrong only major psychosis. Then settled on Bipolar when my anxiety and panic attacks responded to Lithium, to which I am now alergic:D But as I said I knew an ambulance driver who suffered ptsd and my heart went out to him absolutely! He suffered cruelly. There is a life not only after mental illness but travelling with one - nothing is impossible to God!

Good to catch up with you again in these Forums and keeping you in my prayer, please keep mine in yours.
May The Lord richly bless you with every consolation and Peace…warm regards…Barb:)


Hi again Roza…good to catch up with you again, too, in this Forums:thumbsup: I had bad panic attacks too and nowadays they have gone also. A diagnosis can be helpful and modern medications are God’s gift to mankind in the struggle against human suffering…and those energies used in the struggle can be given to more needy and worthwhile matters than a daily day in and day out struggle with pain of some kind.
Good luck and Gods every blessings with the interview and with the questions. I hope you come out well and truly on top!..and that some kind person will guide you to a bus stop.
Keeping you in prayer please keep mine in yours…warm regards - cacha around the place now and then…Barb:)


Gosh, that is horrific!
God’s blessings and richest gifts and may He bring you every consolation and good results in counselling…warm regards - Barb:)


You may well be correct, I think, Distracted! I have overwhelming admiration for our military, the police and ambulance drivers, as well as nurses and doctors. They have very special gifts and very special and important vocations and vocations they are!!! I would not have their lifestyle for the world because I am no way gifted as they are, nor have the vocation and call from God that they do.

When I pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life I add on and good and holy vocations to all walks of life, and for our leadership everywhere be they secular or religious. Amen.

The police especially, for one only, must see some horrific things indeed and have to live with the memories when the horror of it all is in part anyway concluded, but nothing can take away memories and that is intrinsic to the horror of it all. And ptsd can be a result. Our Ladyof Perpetual Help ever pray for them. amen.

Cacha on the rounds Distracted…Blessings and my warm regards…Barb:)

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