Do you have to confess if you break your Lenten resolutions?


I was reading the Can you change your Lenten resolutions? thread and noticed you said since Lenten resolutions were voluntary we could change them at any time.

It was my understanding that when we give something for Lent, or do something extra for Lent, we are making a promise with God to do it for all of Lent. I actually have been told that if you then break your Lenten promise you must go to confession because you have broken a promise to God.

Is this true? If it is then why does this not apply to changing your Lenten promise?


Lenten resolutions – those promises to offer up some pleasure as a Lenten sacrifice – are not regulated by the Church and thus are voluntary practices. If they are voluntary practices, that means they can be voluntarily set aside at the discretion of the person who undertook them. It is the burden of the person who told you that breaking a Lenten resolution is a sin to substantiate that assertion from the documents of the Church.

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