Do you have to pray out loud to angels?


I mean, I sorta read Thomas Aquinas saying that, do you guys do it? :confused:


No. We pray in the silence of our hearts… We ask for their intercession. They are not prayed above God, the creator.


That “dumb ox” may have felt like he needed to but prayer often rages in the silence of our hearts, regardless of who it is directed to.

Aquinas is cool…not infallible or anything, but he has some brilliant insights sometimes…then again…sometimes he talks a little through his hat.

That’s one reason that I love our saints. Holy as they were, they are still as human as I am. I can relate to that. :irish2:


Even though angels cannot read our thoughts, God makes it possible for them to know even the mental prayers addressed to them.


Uh,… would you care to show us where St. Thomas said that?



I have heard that even when we do not pray aloud that God conveys our thoughts to the intended target.


Angels are pure spirits, they don’t have ears. Sound is perceived via the senses.

Therefore, they must know our prayers directly through their intellect via God allowing them to. So, making the prayers audible is, IMHO, unnecessary.


If I have to pray out loud, and Heaven is happened to be billion light years away, I need a gigantic speaker. :smiley:


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