Do you have to receive communion during Christmas?

Like Easter?

The simple answer is definitely no.


NO. You do not have to receive Communion but you do have to fulfill your Holy Day of Obligation by attending Mass on Christmas Day or the evening before.

No, but of course it’s recommended.

You don,t have to receive communion any time,but if you love the Lord with all your HEART,than I would receive Jesus when ever you can,for he is the way and life everylasthing.

Actually that is not correct. We are obliged to receive Communion at least once a year during the Easter period. Not to do so is a sin of grave matter.

And in the United States, the Easter season for this purpose is any time between the First Sunday of Lent to Trinity Sunday, the two dates inclusive. In other countries the period may be even longer. At minimum you are to worthily receive Communion at least once during that period, though naturally more is recommended. The Easter Duty is a minimum.

Unless it’s to fulfill your Easter Duty, then no. You do not have to receive at any Mass.

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