Do you kill bugs?

Any bug I find in my house I cannot. I carefully catch them and return them to the outdoors. As inconvenient as this my concience will not allow anything else. Does anyone share this issue?


Sometimes my conscience allows it, but sometimes not. It depends on the situation, really.

Spiders, however, I can’t really kill unless it is a tiny one, or if it dies when I brush it off my body whenever I find one on me due to my arachnophobia.

The bugs I sometimes get in my home are Asian cockroaches- although I haven’t seen many lately.

They don’t come from outside, they crawl up from the sewer system. Outside isn’t their natural habitat, particularly in the winter.

I have done what you did before, kind of a Franciscan thing to do nit to kill brother bug. But there are many times I smash bugs when then enter my house, pesty little critters!


I don’t like killing them either, but it has nothing to do with conscience. I just can’t stand getting bug juice all over the place.


I don’t kill random bugs outside, unless they’re garden pests. I’m also fine with killing roaches, fire ants, yellow jackets, flies, and mosquitoes because they’re all pests.

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We were invaded by ants. They were trying to get into the dog food. Tens of thousands of the critters.

They’re now gone, with a tiny cemetery with tiny little gravestones to mark their passing.


i’m with you, Bro ! When outside i’m careful not to step on any ants.
However, parasites otta be killed off, imo

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I kill mosquitoes sometimes out of reflex. When I go to kill a bug I hear Jesus say show mercy and you will be shown mercy. Am I weird? Or does god really not want me to kill bugs? I’ve probably taken at least a hundred spiders outside and never been bitten which proves to me it’s unnecessary. I also have a friend who kills every bug he sees but he jokingly doesn’t do it at my house out of respect. Lol

You’re awesome bro

I kill bugs all the time without hesitation, but I do find myself feeling guilty sometimes, or asking myself if what I did was really okay.

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Mosquitos carry diseases like West Nile or malaria. Even if they don’t have those diseases, mosquito bites are a pain.


The only bugs I really kill are mosquitoes. One time I had a ton in my room and I tried catching and releasing them, but it was late at night, I wanted to go to bed, and finished off by killing the rest.

If it’s a spider or other beneficial insect/bug, yes, but roaches, silverfish, wasps, fire ants, assassin bugs, & the like…? No. There was a time when rats were nesting up in attic: no to them, too…

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St. Francis wrote about brother fly.

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Ugh! Might as well call Off! their cocktail sauce anymore. We have some aggressive mosquitoes here in TX…

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I have no moral problem with it, but I always feel sad, even when I kill a mosquito that bit me. I have a really soft heart. It’s not my conscience that prickles, I just feel empathy for the thing.

I kill all bugs except roll up bugs (pill bugs) and moths. I used to play with roll up bugs as a kid. Still kinda like them.


No kidding. Nasty roaches too, that come in your house no matter how clean you keep it.

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I’m not sure how bad your aracnophobia is. But as someone else who fears spiders (there’s one type of spider I can stand if it’s in the corner, but otherwise I keep looking to see if it’s moved even though it’s 15 feet away and 8 feet up) I kill them with a vacuum. I put on the two extensions and then suck it up, letting the vacuum run for 10 seconds to make sure it’s dead.

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