Do you know Africa?


Many of Africa’s leaders will be in town next week attending a White House summit. The continent’s land is shared among 49 countries — many of which rarely make U.S. headlines. How familiar are you with Africa’s geography?

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I got a 29%. I was usually in the right area for each country, but obviously got most wrong.


I got somewhere in the 30-40% area when I took it a few hours ago. The bunch of small countries south and south-west of Mali really confused me since there were so many and they were all so small.


Yes, those tiny ones on the west coast are easy to get mixed up. In other parts of the continent, I also sometimes reversed small countries which are adjacent to one another.

I started hoping the test would end soon, to limit my embarrassment. :blush:

I was amused to see that 97% of people know where Madagascar is, but only 90% could locate Egypt!


98%, I confused Burundi for Rwanda as I forgot which was which of Ruanda-Urundi


I got 57% but I clicked on the wrong place twice. :frowning: On accident. Oh well. Was fun though!


That is seriously impressive! Are you a cartographer or something? Honestly, I’d be surprised if one out of a hundred people could even come close to that. Good job.:slight_smile:

I’m reminded of this:


I will say up-front, very little at all. Which is a shame. And I plan to change that by doing some of my own studies.

I have found that our education about other countries is very poor in this country. We need to improve that, especially with all the globalization. (And not for the purposes of just doing business, but mostly for the purpose of getting to know each other better, to be wiser and kinder about other cultures and peoples.)


No, I’m an analyst.


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