Do you know any people that have the character of a saint? as you understand goodness?


Do you know any people that have the character of a saint? As you understand goodness?

What behavior do you understand a saint should have?


One of my friends, Elizabeth. She’s kind to everyone, humble, loves God, works hard, etc. Everything about her just seems inherently good. I really wish I could be more like her. Good people are people that inspire you to behave in a more Godly manner, I think.


Myself. I often have halos around my head in selfies. I am holier than thou and all. You can call me “Your Imperial And Most High Royal All High Holiness”.


Of all the people I know? My Muslim Niece. Not a judgemental cell in her brain. I will echo this about her:

Sometimes wished she was my own child over my own.


I had the privilege of corresponding and then meeting Mother Teresa,who is now known as St. Teresa of Calcutta. When I met Mother I knew I was in the presence of someone special…When I say special I mean someone who was humble, yet strong, that you knew immediately that she was close to and had the Ear of God from the love that radiated from her that was different, It had to be the Love we all yearn for the Love of Jesus. Also St. John Paul II who had come to Philly I believe three times, he was a good friend of Cardinal Krol, I attended two Masses , also being in his presence was very similar to Mother Teresa. When he smiled it just made my heart feel everything was alright, I feel so privileged to have been able to have been in the same company of two who went on to continue to care for us from heaven:::butterfly::butterfly:


Ouch. Hope your kid never reads this


I don’t know that I’ve ever met anybody like this, but I’ve met a lot of people who really want that relationship with Jesus at the same time they’re weak and they stumble.


They wont. One no longer attends Mass, and the other one, we have assumed the responsiblilties of escorting the her kids back and forth to CCD. She just now starting attending Mass again after I was reinstated as EHMC. She walked away when I was denied by a very bad Priest we had.


Ugh. Yikes. I’m sorry.


Nothing to be sorry for. It is what it is.


Yes! So many!
One in particular never gossips or speaks ill of anyone. She is selfless in how she gives her time and energy to others. She is joyful and full of love for the world! And she goes to daily mass and adoration and keeps a detailed prayer journal. I love her. Being her friend has forced me to start chipping away at my most difficult vices.


My parish priest! He is always so gentle, joyful and kind, is softly-spoken, humble and very wise. He offers Mass up with so much love and reverence, and spends many of his hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament. He does so much for our church - daily Mass twice a day, confession before every Mass, perpetual adoration…
Meeting him motivated me to become more active in my faith, and I am constantly inspired to become more like him. I wish dearly that I could get to know him better, because every time I see him or speak to him (usually only “Hello Father!”) I feel so much peace and goodness radiating out from him…


Sure…dozens…because I believe in the communion of saints, which consists of souls in the Church Triumphant, Church Expectant, and Church Militant.


My parish priest for SURE. I can absolutely see him being a Saint someday. He’s incredible. He’s the kindest person I’ve ever met, he is forgiving and welcoming and very generous. He’s humble and loves God, and has a great sense of humor. Makes mass even lovelier. I say it all the time.


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