Do you know anyone with covid-19?

Do you know anyone who has been hospitalized due to the corona virus?

No. I do not know a single person that has gotten it. I live in a semi rural area. Our county only has about 115 cases, and almost all in a nursing home.


My mom likely got it in February, and shrugged it off after a few days. She got it from a coworker who met with her husband, WHO works in China. (Not sure where) and they met up in Italy and came to the U.S. They work down near the CT shore

Yes. My husband’s relative who lives in a different state. Was hospitalized and was given oxygen but not on a ventilator. Was in ICU has now been released and is still on the mend.
Also a former classmate of my son’s, also in a different state is now recovered.

Yes. I know 4 people who have had it. None living in the same state as me, nor near each other. One hospitalized, 3 recovered at home.

One of the 4 people, one of them had a friend who died from it in NYC and one of them had a spouse who was also sick but recovered.

A co-worker’s grandmother died from it about six weeks ago. Now another co-worker’s mother is hospitalized with it and is in extremely grave condition.

A priest whose Masses I attended many times died of it last month.


I know one person who was hospitalized with COVID-19. She recovered and is now back home.

I knew slightly an elderly man who died of the coronavirus a couple of weeks ago. He was certainly over eighty, I would guess in his late eighties. Apparently he caught it from a male nurse who came to his home to treat him for something else.

A brother-in-law’s ex-wife, who works in a nursing home. Don’t know of anyone else who has it.

Not hospitalized, but I was moderately sick for a week in February, and now test positive for antibodies. Other members of my household were ill around the time. We are well now.


I have a friend who lives in NYC who tested positive but is asymptomatic. He got the test because he has juvenile diabetes and has had a kidney transplant as well as having hypertension. He also works for the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). But fortunately, he does not show symptoms so I suppose his immune system was/is somehow able to fight it off despite his preconditions.

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Yes. Ranging in age from 22 (three weeks on a ventilator, now recovering at home) to mid-70’s.
Eleven people; five of whom died.


My Dad had COVID, but he recovered at home. An elderly neighbor two doors down died from it and his wife was hospitalized.


I’m so sorry. How terrible.

Some of my patients have had it and one was sent to the hospital. Some coworkers caught it.

Outside of work , only a few.

However, I know a lot of people who think they may have had it last winter before the quarantine—weird respiratory symptoms, similar but not quite flulike.

I got diagnosed with bronchitis last February after several days fever and cough that interfered with sleep. I wonder if it it was actually Covid19


None of those who died were close friends, but it’s been horrible for their families. And a couple of those who recovered were good friends—they went through some tough times before finally being pronounced recovered.

I know two people, one of whom died. These were just casual friends I’ve known for a long time. The one that recovered only had a short hospital stay, on oxygen and then stayed on oxygen at home for another week and is now fine but regaining his strength is taking some time. The one that died was only in his late 50’s but had several health problems to begin with.

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I knew one that died.

He was about 90, and our club went out to view his collection every couple of years.

He was already in horrid health.


One of my swing dance friends from Pittsburgh came down with COVID. I don’t think she was hospitalized, but she’s had a long road of recovery.

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