Do you know anyone with covid-19?

Yes, 5 family members who had the virus and sadly one who passed away. RIP. :pray:


I don’t personally know anyone with the disease, but my mother had two friends who died from it, and one who is currently hospitalized with covid-19 (and none of them living in nursing homes).

I’ll always wonder if I had it (I don’t live in the same state as my mother), because I was sick with strange respiratory symptoms for three weeks last November, three weeks in December, three weeks in January, and three weeks in February. I’m fine now, but have been in the house since mid-March.


This is an interesting observation. I also know several people who had experienced similar symptoms long before the onset of the coronavirus, around the November-December time frame. Does this mean that people were suffering from the seasonal flue or was this corona?

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I hope and pray it stays that way.


No, not one person I know has had it, but my state is low on the infection rate scale.

I’m finally coming out the other side after a long two weeks.

Weirdest illness I’ve every had, symptoms were on the mild side but the body refused to recover with regular low grade fever coming and going.


UPDATE: My co-worker’s mother is doing much, much better. Looks like she’s going to survive.


Yes, I know 4 people.

One in NY
One in NJ

Both handled it at home and were not hospitalized

One in OH (he was hospitalized and recently was readmitted)
One in MN (he was very critically ill for over a month; no pre-existing conditions)

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“Only”? My county has about 26,000 people, and has a significantly smaller amount of cases. Some of the areas next to us, however…

My boss got COVID-19 and I was the last person in direct contact with him. Myself and my father and one of my brothers believe had COVID-19 also. I took two ambulance rides and was hospitalized for it, IVs, medicine, all that. It was awful, took a couple weeks to fully recover.

I don’t think I know anyone that has it. I don’t think I have it either, but just in case I’m an asymptomatic carrier, I won’t even visit my friend that was in a car wreck a couple of months ago, that won’t be able to walk until August, which, by the way, he’s fine with.

Are you ok now? You’re pretty young if I remember correctly.

Our count has had 18 total cases. 15 have recovered, 1 is in ICU on a ventilator and 24 hour dialysis (a member of our church), so we only have two active cases at the moment.

Yep I’m 21, I’m better now. It took awhile to fully gain back my strength and all the while I had to do online classes through Zoom.

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70,000 in our county. 177 cases, 18 deaths as of today.

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Over half of the cases in my country (some are saying closer to 70%) have been in nursing homes and LTC facilities.

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@DeniseNY, I believe that almost all of them in our county were in nursing homes too, and a few where people were already in compromised health already.

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