Do you know charismatic catholics?


The charisms run the gamut from imperceptible to flamboyant. Those who quietly exercise their invisible or mundane appearing charisms are rarely denigrated. Those who, say, speak in unknown tongues are building themselves up - because they need building up. I will not deny them that edification.

Do they appear unstable or worse because our faith has been sterilized by modern culture? Something to ponder. Those who exercise their hidden charisms are doing their part for the edification of the Church. This is as it should be.


Must it be either/or?
Why not yes/and?


I’m pleased to hear that as it wasn’t usually the case in Anglican Charismatic circles - unless one was thrown down in spiritual convulsions or speaking in tongues the Holy Spirit wasn’t coming through loud and clear.


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I’m no expert at all, but I have known some of them, prayed with some of them, and have been to Mass twice in a charismatic-inclined parish.

I’ll admit the speaking in tongues is a bit off-putting to me, though at the Masses when they started to sing, I didn’t even realize some, perhaps most, were singing in tongues. It was pretty, really.

Some of the people are just the kindest people you would ever meet, and seem sincere to me, and the laying on of hands they sometimes do just seems gentle and kind.

But I’m not a charismatic, and am unlikely to become one. I don’t know how people come to it.


And this is the great error of those in the movement, as well as what is noticed by those outside of the movement. The charism of prophecy, for example is what we are to desire.

The problem is that no one knows what prophecy really is. Witnessing. Evangelizing. Encouraging. Comforting. Helping. Assuring. Invisible stuff like that.

There is not a single Christian that is not charismatic. There are simply those who are unaware of their charisms, or who fail to recognize and use them.


I am a lifelong Catholic and have not seen this sort of stuff in the many parishes that I have lived in. So I have never met one. But from what I have read and seen on the internet I would not be comfortable with this as it seems to close to protestantism.


Let’s look at it from another standpoint: The Pentecostal movement sprang up when the Catholic Church allowed her focus on the Holy Spirit to wane. The Church is only re-claiming what is hers. Remember when our Lord entered Jerusalem that final time and His disciples were shouting “Hosanna in the highest!”? The Pharisees admonished the Lord to quiet them down. He replied “In truth I tell you, if they hold silence even these stones would cry out.” Luke 19:40.

Same thing. The Catholic Church held her peace. The Pentecostals cried out.


My experience with the Charismatic Movement within the Catholic Church was 25-30 years ago. I have since moved from that particular form of spirituality and have found other ways to express my particular charisms. I am at peace.


I am a Charismatic Catholic. I thank God for it.


My late father abandoned the Catholic Church prior to his sister’s death. Many years later, he returned and became a Charismatic Catholic under the Byzantine Rite.


I am part of a group that mainly consists of charismatics and am one of the few that are not charismatic. It gives me a chance to experience, learn and discuss different aspects of the faith, as well as meeting fellow Catholics from outside my parish.


Actually, it is proven in Paul’s epistles…it’s as about as Catholic as it can get


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