Do You Know Mark Dice?


If so, which is your opinion about him?

Here is mine:

For me he kinda says the right things, but in the wrong way and tone. He also does not proceed the way he says all should.
What I mean is that he accuses these “artists” of promoting materialism but in every video he promotes his book in amazon, with a procedure to buy it. I dont know, I hope that money is going for charity. if not he is no different from them, thinking money will make him happy. You know, I may be misjudging here, I hope so, maybe he needs the money to keep on producing his videos, and doing campaigns and etc etc, but for me, by the way he talks, and says things, he seems like a guy that discovered that he could be rich fighting against the new world order, just his job, just a business. He does not really seem to have an interest in the souls that are getting lost because of these “artists” as he calls them moron zombies and puppets. You know, if I was him I would have more compassion for our society these days, seeing them as a victim of the control of satan, instead of insulting and attacking it…
Just wanted to give my opinion, would be nice if someone would reply with any thoughts about it.


I like Mark Dice and watch a lot of this stuff. I do agree though that it is a little mean to call them zombies but I try not to judge him for it because I find myself doing the same thing every now and then. I also take everything people like him say with a grain of salt. I am open to the ideas of conspiracy theories because a lot of them are very plausible and the government story never seems to fit, but the hardest part is really telling what is true and what is not. It upsets me that politics are so shrouded in lies and deception. The only thing that I trust 100% is the teaching of the Catholic Church! :thumbsup:


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