Do you know much about Oprah denying Christ?

i don’t know… i think my definition of stupid may be a little different from that of others…

to me being “smart” means, or should mean… an ability to discern what is important in life and waht is not… I know that Oprah is searching and she had a Christian background so hopefully she will find her way back to Christ… but i have noticed that she and other wealthy people… well… they just don’t seem smart by my definition… and i admit my definition has more to do with wisdom that actual “smarts”…

All these high ranking celebrities, most of them are pretty stupid/ignorant when it comes to biblical theology or Christianity. I see no reason for them to be curious enough about Christianity to even learn it. Their knowledge, if at all, is equivalent to a young teen, and we know how little that is! Too much of their time is spent on ways of making fortune.

Firstly, I didn’t mention “smarts” or “wisdom”; I spoke about stupidity.

Secondly, by your definition, only Christians are “smart”.

Thirdly, Oprah might have a Christian background, but you are right - she is searching. Someone with a Christian background should be searching in Christianity, not elsewhere. With every single step she takes, she is moving away from Christ - and dragging thousands if not millions with her.

As I said before, she is dangerous and needs to be prevented from having any effect on people.

So in a free country (the United States of America), with the freedoms of religion and speech enshrined in our Constitution, how would you go about doing that?

And given the fact that she’s already enormously popular and has basically become an establishment, wouldn’t this be kind of like the proverbial “closing the barn door after the horse ran away”? :rolleyes:

I don’t think Oprah is dangerous. She is “preaching to the choir,” so to speak, and if they didn’t hear it from her the same information would be available through some other source.


You don’t have freedom of religion - Congress may make no law regarding that. It’s not the same thing as freedom. Additionally, while the Constitution provides for freedom of speech, that is a piece of the Constitution which is regularly ignored and trumped by significant legislation.

In any case, I’d quote Lex Luthor; “Freedom of the press is a wonderful thing - so long as nobody’s listening”.

We need to utilize freedom of speech in order to make sure that people are educated about the lies she is spreading - so that no-one listens to her and that she is ignored.

But she has massive popularity - and evidence shows that most people WOULDN’T hear her lies if she wasn’t telling them. Pop quiz; how many people had heard of Eckhart Tolle before the queen of the daytime TV threw her machine behind him?

And absolutely she is dangerous - she is preaching that abortion and all the other leftist ideas are cool and good. I don’t care if those are put forward by the President or some hobo on the street corner - giving those sorts of notions creedence and any kind of voice is dangerous. She is especially dangerous because people swallow what she says without critical thinking.

In the U.S. the first amendment to the Constitution both guarantees religious freedom (the free exercise clause) and prohibits the government from endorsing religion (the establishment clause).

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the exercise thereof;…

I am not lawyer but am a citizen.


I don’t question your citizenship, but I would point out that the first amendment says NOTHING about there actually BEING a freedom of religion; it merely says that Congress may make no law regarding the prohobition of free exercise thereof.

That is not, technically speaking, the same thing. And, in actuality, it is not actually upheld. For example, thugees who want to engage in human sacrifice would find that Congress has passed laws which limit the free exercise of their religion.

But, this is a minor legalistic point. In any case, it’s a side-issue to the discussion about Oprah - the law might allow her her platform, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to shout her and her demonic-evil down :slight_smile:

I think you are engaging in hyperbole when describing Oprah Winfrey. Take it easy and forget about Oprah and her cultural/spiritual leanings. In the grande scheme of things she is not a big deal.


Trust me… you do. (uh wait…I know you won’t…trust me that is :rolleyes:)

Distracted, remember all the hate speech that came out of Rev. Wright’s mouth? That came from black liberation theology.

You are probably right but I will say one thing for her…at least she left Rev. Wright’s church years ago!

Well since this is a free country being stupid isn’t illegal. I haven’t watched her for years so am not familiar with Tolle.

Let’s see…open the Hollywood phone directory and point. :rolleyes:

A woman who can name a book and instantly make it a NYT bestseller and chooses to spread lies about God? And she’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things? Who, pray tell, IS a big deal? Who has her influence and uses it for spreading evil as she does?

She most certainly IS a VERY big deal!!! Have you ever sat around and listened to women talk about her and her show before? She is a god to many people - my mother included. She will go on an on about how wonderful Oprah is, and how she saw it on Oprah, and oh I can’t believe I missed Oprah!!

This woman has an extremely strong following. If she ran for president I fear she would be a very viable candidate. Her approval rating is enormous. Anyone with this much influence on a culture is a VERY VERY big deal and needs to be watched very carefully for what she’s saying and how she is influencing people’s beliefs.

She has claimed in the past to be a Christian. What she is now I have no idea, but it doesn’t look Christian to me. And she is dragging a large number of people with her, which is extremely concerning.


hmmm… i thought everyone was supposed to be curious about Christianity… and its Founder…

God doesn’t think any of his creatures is too stupid for Jesus…

i think it is sad (beyond sad) that most prominent Blacks like Oprah (etc), whether running for office or not… are pro-abortion…

I think (hope) that most ordinary Blacks (who actually work for a living :rolleyes: :smiley: ) are against abortion… but all the ones in the public eye these days seems to be in favor of it… and Thurgood Marshall decided for legalizing it in 1973…

You would think that slavery would have taught them something… about how we should not go around saying that some member of the human race is “less than human”…

I believe (although I could be wrong) that the majority of African Americans vote Democrat which - in the current political climate - is showing approval for abortion.

I think that if most African Americans in this country knew what Margret Sanger thought about race, and what the true abortion numbers are according to race, they would see that they are being eliminated by the millions.

It truly is very sad. And people like Oprah are at the heart of this by spewing false and misleading information to people who place her on a pedestal.


i think what it is is that they are reluctantly Democrat… they just tolerate the D’s support of abortion because they accept it as a necesary evil… unfortunately, what they and many Americans do not realize is that abortion is the greatest evil in our world today… aside from rejection of Christ… Of course rejection of Christ is what led to abortion being legalized and is what keeps it legalized… Frankly, i don’t think those so-calledCatholics on the Sup Ct want to chnage anything… but maybe i don’t know enough to say… I just think that they care more about “adhering to the Constitution” than they do about murdering the unborn… Yet, the Constitution was violated in order to legalize abortion in all 50 states… so that excuse sounds like just that… an excuse…

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