Do you know of any catholic mystics? alive 2 day?


Do you know of any catholic mystics?

Or who are Alive 2 day?


I do not think there are any authentic ones at least from what I know.


Mystic: a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute

(and from the Catholic Encyclopedia): To some souls, however, even in the present life, God gives a very special grace by which they are enabled to feel His sensible presence; this is true mystical contemplation. In this act, there is no annihilation or absorption of the creature into God, but God becomes intimately present to the created mind and this, enlightened by special illuminations, contemplates with ineffable joy the Divine essence.

I imagine there are a lot of mystics out there. Most of them are probably hidden away in monasteries or living quiet lives of devotion or union with God. If your question is: are there any contemporary mystics that I should devote myself to, read their writings and follow their teachings - then I would say focused on God, read your Bible, go to mass, and forget about it.




Pope Francis most likely, but as most mystics go, we won’t know until he’s gone to the Kingdom of Heaven.



There are people I’m sure who’ve received authentic mystical experiences but not necessarily on an ongoing basis as some well-known saints apparently did. Otherwise time will tell.


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