Do you know of any modern day uncommon vocations?


I hear and read a lot about the influence of Good Catholic upbringing, wholesome families, and the like in vocations. I’d like if you could refer me to the other end of the stick. Men from broken homes, emptiness and wandering who might consider themselves to be the one lost sheep from the 99 and found out that what they were dedicating their life to wasn’t what God was calling them to.

I’ve know of some examples of the saints a ‘few’ hundred years back or Biblical references (e.g. the Samaritan women at the well) but the only reference to a recent story I’ve found comes from a certain ‘blacksheepdog’ which is not comforting.

On CAL often Patrick will point out that men can and do come from broken homes and the guests will agree but they never expand on it or give a reference.

Thank you!


Here’s one: the man who murdered St. Maria Goretti. He eventually repented and spent the rest of his life, living in a Capuchin Franciscan friary where he died a holy death. There is talk of his eventual beatification. See:

Dorothy Day had been a member of the Communist party, had a common law husband and had at least one abortion. Yet she converted to the Catholic faith and founded the Catholic Worker, spending her life for the poor and living in voluntary poverty. She too died a holy death. There is a cause for her canonization. See:

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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