Do you know of charismatic Catholic priests?

Do you know of any charasmatic priests?
Are they on the web?
Do they do retreats
Like fr Robert Degrandid?

Fr. Mathias Thelen from Encounter ministries. You can look them up on Google. There’s also fr. Dave Pivonka who runs The Wild Goose. is the central orginization

Check with your archdiocese. They will have information on the Charismatic Renewal and the priests involved. Along with retreats, they may offer “Life in the Spirit” seminars at the parish level. They last several weeks, meeting normally one day per week.

I wish that all Catholics could/would experience the enlivening of the Holy Spirit in their faith life. The revelation of one’s charism(s) can be a life-changing experience. It certainly was for me.


Fr. James Blount, S.O.L.T., does very popular charismatic retreats and Masses. They are usually called “Healing Masses”.

One does special Masses each year for those who wish to go. I don’t know any personally.

Father Tom DiLorenzo, Holy Rosary Church, Winthrop, MA

Oh that might be healing Masses don’t know if that’s what you were referring to.

Spanish language retreats in NJ

Fr Mark Goring. He’s on YouTube.

Wild Goose is available on FYI :slight_smile:

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