Do you know optics? My drawing of the Trinity


Thought this up while I was at Mass on Trinity Sunday, 3rd June. (I really need to learn how to pay more attention to the homily, but that’s beside the point here).


Neat analogy!
3 distinct dimensions of the same light… I like that.

Even neater… God designed that analogy Himself!

To be honest… I’ve seen many similar types of analogies in my studies…
I remember tearing up in my advanced mathematics classes in college… some things just become so amazingly clear when seen in the light of faith…
People in my class probably thought I was depressive! LOL!


i always liked thinking about the triangle, since no matter how big or small it is, it is the absolute most simple shape that connects in a relational way.
its like the “bare minimum” shape :slight_smile:


As long as one takes care not to draw a lesson on the procession of the persons from this drawing. :slight_smile:

As for paying attention to the homily… not to speak badly of the homily, but I found myself meditating on the truths of the Trinity moreso than listening to the homily. It happens, I suppose.



True, but it only works with light.


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