Do you know people who always want to get "the last word"?


Do you know people who always want to get the last word?
Like a mic drop?
Does it irritate you . because
"They are a know it all?

What do you think?


Yeah, sometimes I’m one of those people. It’s hard to just walk away sometimes. It’s not intentional, and I don’t always realise I’m doing it. It’s like I know it when I’m not, if that makes sense.


Hmmm. Might get an answer depending on how long this thread gets.


We’re all like that some times.
Teenagers can be this way.
And siblings


Yes, ME. Which results in more prayer for help in shutting my mouth.


Little quote I read "Want to have the last word?Apologise "


Yes, I tend to always want to have the last word. I have to consciously refrain from that practice.



Sorry, I couldn’t resist trying to get the last word.


I’m just glad someone replied after I did. Whew!



:grin: Ive got a feeling this thread could go for a loong time…


And teenage siblings, my two youngest sisters will be 14 and 15 respectively this month.


Ya but… You …you… You…


I wish someone could tell me why I remain quiet whilst someone attacks me and then people believe I must be in the wrong because I didn’t defend myself.


Yes. … life goes on…


I guess you’re new to CAF??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Are we still all trying to get the last word?


Well, apparently someone is… :roll_eyes:


…I wouldn’t dream of it…


Yes you r right. When you r wrong. Because. Everyone has 2 defend themselves.


Okay … :grinning:

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