Do you know people who are former catholics?


It has everything to do with ignorance, on the contrary, but it always comes down
to what kind of ignorance we’re dealing with:

If they do not “buy” the theology, that means they ignore (do not know) that the true God is behind it.
If they DO know that God is behind it, and still leave; they choose to ignore (do not want) God’s rules.
If someone is twisted enough to refuse God, while knowing him/his teachings/his goals and existence…
then he quite possibly ignores (do not know) what hell really is. (otherwise he’d do some efforts to avoid it).

Seems like playing with words, I know, but that’s what it is…
At least from my perspective.


But we do not know these things either. That is why we need faith. We believe but we do not know. Otherwise faith would be unnecessary.


No. I feel sorrow for being one of the weak members who is not always a good example.


“… good conscience…” ???

Or maybe they are at odds with their conscience?


Possibly…but not our call.


And could one “possibly in good conscience” reject all of St Paul’s writings as Scripture, and call him a false apostle?

Can the Church not verify what is in accord with sound conscience? Why would Jesus ask us to take matters to the Church in Matt. 18?

Or has the Protestant reformation validly taken away that promise by our Lord???


Catholics may interpret all that one way and Protestants another. We certainly see that difference, dont we?


Well, what about my St Paul question???


How does it relate to a Catholic becoming Protestant?


Because u seem to judge that a person can reject Catholic doctrine “in good conscience”.

Can someone also reject St Paul, and his writings, in good conscience? Is that how Christianity works? Like a democracy?

Its a fair question…


Maybe for some people. There are plenty of contemporary scripture scholars who have some very different ideas about scripture and who authored them. I am not going to question their conscience. I can disagree without accusing them of bad faith.


Ok, then the Church has zero authority, according to you. Thats your freedom of choice.


No. They just interpret differently than we do You seem determined to condemn them because they see things differently.


Condemn them? Is that what im trying to do?

Not defend what the Church Teaches? Not to ask reasonable questions? Not to help Catholics from giving in to doubt and distrust? Not to encourage Former Catholics to rethink and pray and study with an open heart?

Maybe i could tell you that you seem determined to encourage false teaching? Or that you are promoting relativism?

I dont think that. But 2 b honest i didnt care for your comment that a Catholic Christian can reject Catholic Teaching in good conscience. Its subtle, but significant.


I am just giving people the benefit of the doubt. Their journey is between them and God.


Sorry, i dont think its just us and God. We have brotherhood in the Christian family.

Im not saying im an awsome brother. I have faults. But we are called to show mercy on one another, which includes encouragement and admonishing (and being admonished).

Jesus told his disciples, if a brother sins, tell him. If he doesnt listen, tell with a couple witnesses. If he still doesnt listen, tel it to the Church. If he still doesnt listen to the Church, let him be a “Gentile”!

Thats a pretty strong instruction! Can the Church really do this? If someone denies a Teaching of the Church???



I was thinking about how to respond to the poster who listed a diatribe of reasons that my brothers were just so wrong. Especially my brother who will not attend out of fear that his life and livelihood could be destroyed by a powerful evil presence in the hierarchy. He wishes he could be Catholic but fears the overarching powers and their ability to destroy. It is a real, visceral fear that leaves him literally shaking.

I cannot fathom how a just and merciful God is going to turn to him and say, “Sorry, you had the truth and gave it up, off to Hell with you.”

God makes the punishment clear for those who cause His Children to sin. There’s not a clear perscription for what God does about those sinning children. Suffice to say, I think it’d have to be a level of mercy, gentleness and kindness that we cannot begin to fathom.


What? How is your brother in danger of the hierarchy?

That sounds like a psychological problem he should seek professional help about!!


A very corrupt official took some false information and used their power to try and destroy my parents. This action took from my parents their access to their church community (to which they were deeply involved in and volunteered hundreds if not thousands of hours to), and for my mother, it took her job. If they had followed the legal requirements it would of cost my father his job as well, and probably our home. For the most part priests and other officials turned a blind eye and offered no help. When the case got past the archdioceses (after over a year’s time of extreme turmoil) the corrupt official was immediately fired. But this was after nearly a year of great stress, unknows, money spent on legal counsel and psychological guidance, and the loss of my mother’s income as well as extreme social consequences–to which my family was bound not to speak the details of.

When the case was “closed” we received not a single apology nor any remuneration for what happened…my family was cleared of any wrongdoing and the case was destroyed. We were given a basic gag order when it was they who did wrong. The Archdioceses did reinstate my father’s volunteer position, but they said that my mother’s job was filled so she couldn’t have it back.

My brother fears going through this. He fears that any action within the Church could harm his family like it did ours.

In some respects we were lucky. We were older and we did not rely on my mother’s job to keep us afloat.


I’m a millenial, and most of my Catholic friends from school I grew up with are no longer observant, unfortunately.

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