Do you know people who are gifted in the 9 gifts of the holy spirit ? 1cor.12

Do you know people who are gifted in the 9 ministry gifts as in 1 cor. 12?
3 power gifts
3 vocal gifts
3 revelation

Each of us that has had the laying on of hands (aka the Sacrament of Confirmation) has received various charisms. Some may be obvious, but others more hidden or perhaps unrealized. The needlessly controversial baptism in the Holy Spirit is intended to help one discern and realize what those gifts are, and to put them to use in building up the Church - which the the only proper use of them.


The Charismatic movement bothers me, and honestly, if they are calling anything ‘baptism’ except the Sacrament of Baptism then they are inviting controversy. We confess one baptism.

Jesus Christ was gifted with all gifts in His perfect human nature.

what po18guy said.

Do not linger in confusion! The preacher of the Papal household, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, is a Charismatic Franciscan. Don’t you think that either Pope Benedict XVI or Francis would take exception if he was practicing anything on the fringe? I think so.

The “BITHS” as it is called, is NOT NOT NOT a Sacrament. It is an experience involving profound prayer in which we willingly yield to the Holy Spirit and ask for our gifts to be revealed and released from captivity in our hardened hearts. It is a discernment process.

Investigate it! Now, maybe it is not for you, but it absolutely lit my faith on fire. Through the BITHS, the Church is recovering the use of the gifts that have been neglected for far too long.

Controversy regarding the BITHS is centered on a lack of teaching about it - even though it is eminently clear in the scriptures - as well as our human fear of the unknown. I lost the fear.

Saint John the Baptist said that Jesus would baptize in the Holy Spirit. That does not occur, normally, until after water baptism. The laying on of hands is what confers the gifts - the graces from on high. 100% scriptural.

We have all heard the stories of babbling and other seemingly strange activities. We are not judged for the actions of others, but our own! What others experience and make manifest can be a diversion to us. We need to focus on ourselves, stop looking left and right and cast our gaze heavenward.

Why do we doubt?



And, it’s not just a “charismatic” thing, either. I know many Catholics who have these spiritual gifts.

By the way… this notion of the “nine gifts of the Holy Spirit”, as such, seem to flow from Protestant thought. When Catholics talk about the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, we’re talking about:

The difference is subtle, but important: those who look to 1 Cor 12 are looking at gifts that are not received by all (“to one… to another… to another… to another…”), and ostensibly, not necessarily exercised permanently. When Catholics talk about the seven gifts, we’re talking about “permanent dispositions” that we receive at Confirmation which help us to understand and respond to the “promptings of the Holy Spirit” in the way we live our lives.

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