Do you know people who visited Mary appearance sites


Do you know people who visited Mary appearance site’s?
Who now pray to Mary and are more commited?


Archangel Gabriel visited Mary, read Luke 1.


I’m sorry. I intended the people who visited in this time period. Like Fatima. Mejirgori. Lasale. And the many other places in the last 50 years


Nelka – Good answer! Heh!

Dann - There’s actually a whole Spanish-language TV show on the Galavision channel, on Saturday nights in the US, that is nothing but dramatizations of recent miracles granted through the intercession of Our Lady. It’s called “La Rosa de Guadelupe.” Obviously it’s a Mexican production. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: (Apparently there are over 1000 episodes, and they are very very dramatized. Every episode uses a white rose as a symbol that Mary has heard a petition, and that God is now acting on it. Very reminiscent of St. Therese’s roses.)

I have heard a lot of stories from folks in Wisconsin who went to Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, WI, but I don’t know any of those folks permanently.


I think most people who go to these sites are generally praying to Mary and being devoted to her BEFORE they go, and going to the sites is fulfilling a wish to see the actual place they’ve been hearing about for years. I know lots of people who’ve been to Fatima, Lourdes, Knock, or Medjugorje, but all of them were devoted to Mary as a habit before they made the trip. Including myself.


Yes, I know a woman who has visited an unapproved site multiple times. Her devotion to our Blessed Mother has been strengthened but I’m sure it was strong to begin with - else she would not have made that initial trip.


Yss I do and there are a BLESSING in MY life

May Mary lead ALL to her Son Jesus! Amen!



DW and I went to Lourdes in 1985 while be-bopping around the continent. For some unknown reason, we just had to go there. Was not even baptized at the time. She, being Catholic, “suggested” that I cross myself with water from the grotto. I did, and began crying. Coincidentally, a week later we happened to stop in the path of Pope Saint John Paul II’s motorcade and received his apostolic blessing. Had no idea what it all meant. I was in R.C.I.A. the next year. Came into the Church at the Easter vigil 1987.

FF 21 years to 2008. Bear with me here. Cancer arrived. Bad cancer. Stage IV, 50+ tumors in my lymphatic system. Since then, I have relapsed twice, mutated into two different cancers and developed a third cancer from treatment. 18 anti-cancer drugs in nine regimens, five “salvage” regimens, three clinical trials, 1000+ years of background radiation, too many PET/CT scans and biopsies to remember, a stem cell transplant with the resulting graft-versus-host-disease, and from treatment: hypertension, type II diabetes, Osteoporosis, cataracts, peripheral neuropathy. Advised by a doctor last month that I had a 0.5% chance of being alive.

Our Blessed mother appeared to Saint Bernadette Soubirous.

The Patron Saint of those with bodily illness. I am crying as I type this.

Praise God.


Wow alot if medical challenges.
God bless. For your success


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