Do you know the name of these chants?

Hi guys.
Scott Hahn has made several TV series on which he discusses one of his books over several episodes. These were later made into mp3s. The mp3s were very informative for me and I really enjoyed them. I also really liked the music that would play in short clips at the beginning and end of each episode, but I don’t know of any way to find the name of the songs or the musicians who perform them and am not very familiar with anything outside of popular radio music. I was hoping that one of you might recognize the songs and be able to help me out.

This is from the Lamb’s Supper (again, the music clip plays at or close to the beginning and end):

And this is from Hail Holy Queen:

Just in case you’re curious, they are from Sonitus Sanctus Catholic audio website. You can download the files or play them on your browser.

I’m not sure if these sorts of post are frowned upon as I usually don’t post here, but it’s the only place that I could think of that might have people who would know. Thanks for your help!

Beautiful! But I don’t recognize it. I only listened to the beginning, since I already read the book. Maybe if you edit the topic of your post to change “songs” to “chants,” someone more knowledgeable would pick it up and be able to answer your question. Maybe.:shrug:

Thanks for posting this, because I’d like to know what this music is, too. Sounds like it might be for a funeral Mass, maybe a requiem. I hope someone answers.

Thanks for checking them out and thanks for the advice. I would change the title but I’m not sure how. I’m not positive, but I think you can only edit posts for a short period after you originally posted.

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