Do you know this Watchtower issue?

Hi. Has anyone seen this Watchtower issue in English? Or is this one probably just for the “Asian population” (which it might be judging by the picture)? I’m curious to know what it says and what language it’s in.

This is the August 1, 2007 issue of the Watchtower Magazine. It is not just for the Asian community. Each issue of the Watchtower is simultaneously translated, published, and hand-delivered to homes in 161 different languages, putting it FAR ahead of any other magazine published in multiple lanaguages (side note: I’ve heard 2nd place goes to Readers Digest with only 21 simultaneous languages).

The header on top says:

“The Watchtower - Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom”

The Cover Title says:

“Spirituality - What is It? How Can You Find It?”

The inside cover says:

“The Purpose of the Watchtower is to exalt Jehovah God as Sovereign Lord of the universe. It keeps watch on world events as these fulfill Bible prophecy. It comforts all peoples with the good news that God’s Kingdom will soon destroy those who oppress their fellow men and that it will turn the earth into a paradise. It encourages faith in God’s now-reigning King, Jesus Christ, whose shed blood opens the way for mankind to gain eternal life. The Watchtower, published by Jehovah’s Witnesses continuously since 1879, is nonpolitical. It adheres to the Bible as its authority.”

The articles in this issue include:

“In Search of Spirituality”
"True Spirituality - How Can you Find It?
“Jehovah’s Word is Alive - Highlight From the Book of Ezekiel - II”
“Serving Jehovah - An Honor and a Privilge Beyond Compare”
“Two ‘Miracles’ at One Convention in Georgia”
“A Mother’s Faith Triumphs Over Tragedy”
“Guard Against Every Sort of Covetousness”
“Are You ‘Rich Toward God’?”
“Questions from Readers”
“Are God’s Eyes Upon You?”

As usual, it’s a great issue. If you’d like a free copy, just drop me a private message and I can arrange for that.

You do not have to PM steve for this.

You can go to the official site and request one sent to you.

Again, do not contact Bible Steve for this, as you do NOT need him to get a copy.

You can not get the Kingdom Ministry so easily or other literature now.

You will get the watered down Watchtower from now on.

They have one set for inquirerers, and now finally one of their own for baptised members only.:shrug:

This is very new.

The light is getting brighter.:newidea:

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