Do you know woman who had an abortion?

Do you know woman who had an abortion?

Do they have a change of heart or understanding?

Yes, but we weren’t very close.
We’re friends on Facebook and she later married and had kids who go to Catholic school.
I am friends with the girl who drive her to the clinic, and I’m sorry to say there’s no evidence that her heart is softened or she’s sorry for her involvement. In her defense, she wasn’t raised in a practicing Catholic home, church involvement was cultural rather than heartfelt.
She and I have debated the abortion issue many times. She knows where I stand…

Yes. I don’t talk to her anymore (not for that reason). I wasn’t Catholic back then. She didn’t have any amount of significant charged feelings but her second child she lost through natural causes and the third was an abortion. She felt really bad mentally and physically after the third. I made her a surprise visit and bought chocolate and said stuff like “it was just a blob of cells” back then. She wanted to get a tatoo on her back with a heart and 138 (or some other number, it had to do with the heartbeat of the child) back then. After some time I thought I might’ve had influence in the decision but I don’t think that was the case ( there was a significant age difference between us and she hanged out with me for weird reasons that might’ve had little to do with friendship if I am to be honest). I feel sorry for her. Now that you’ve reminded me I’ll pray for her she’s been through a lot.

I can only think of one that I know who is open about it and that is because she had a change of heart. She is very much a part of post-abortion healing ministries for women, so she shares her story in that context.

I imagine there are women I know who have had an abortion who simply do not share that information publicly. It’s not something I generally would ask a woman.

I don’t know any personally, thank God.
Reading the online story about what happened to Steven Tyler’s teenage girlfriend whom he legally became guardian of so they could cross state lines together was bad enough.
At least she had a sort of happy ending.

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Yes, a very confused individual with many problems in her life. The abortion was 30 years ago or so. She expresses no regret for the abortion mind you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s supressing something deep down. She is very negartive about many things and also gets a lot of negative reactions from other people because she comes across as controlling and grumpy if you don’t know her (if you know her better she also has a kinder, softer, funnier side), and this makes it difficult for her to make many friends. She never married but she broke up with a previous fiance of hers because he criticized her for not regretting the abortion. But he was a bit of an odd one too, so I don’t think it would have worked out anyway.

Yes, one of my best friends in high school had one. She didn’t tell anyone in our group of friends until months after it happened. She never really brought it up after we all knew. We drifted apart after high school, so I am not sure how she feels about it now.

My mom had a D&C to stop her from hemorrhaging during a very late miscarriage. I assume the baby had already passed away though. However, I don’t know. All I know is that my mother woke up bleeding in the middle of the night and took herself to the ER without waking anyone in the house or calling an ambulance. My dad was very upset she didn’t wake him because she was bleeding so badly she could have passed out on the road from blood loss.

But if the baby had not yet passed away and they would have waited, both the baby would have died and so would have my mother. And no, my mother feels no emotional sorrow about it. When pro life organizations deny that abortion is ever needed to save the life of a woman (as if tubal pregnancies are the only threat), they are either being willfully ignorant or lying.

I was upset though that the hospital did not give us the remains. Granted, my mother wasn’t very with it. My Dad was really upset that she didn’t call an ambulance and didn’t wake him up. She knew he needed to stay with us and that there wasn’t time to find someone to watch us. But she was being overly concerned about the cost of an ambulance (this wasn’t the only time she made a stupid decision to NOT use an ambulance because she was cheap). But by the time she was rushed into the ER, she was barely coherant and they had to rush her into it. I don’t think she was fully aware of what was happening. And when the hospital didn’t give us the remains of our sibling for burial, my parents could only say that my mom wasn’t in a state of mind to ask or insist on having them and that now it was too late.

My brother and I were probably the most upset. My mom was quite stoic about it I think largey because she almost died.

Pretty much all of us will know at least one woman who had an abortion as it’s hardly a rare procedure.

Yes I do, and she was pressured into it, she had no idea what it was, and she straight-up said she was lied to.

My maternal grandmother also had one, but it was not something she consented to.

Yeah and she thinks everyone should have access to it and doesn’t regret it at all

Why include the “thank God” part?

Some people very close to me had an abortion. Should I wish I never met them? They are two of the most important people I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t imagine why it would be bad to know them?

Both have children now and not really much of a change of heart in regards to the abortion issue though.


I’ve known a few over the years…the first was totally repentant after learning that it wasn’t ‘just a blob of cells’, and did volunteer work for a Birthright clinic…unfortunately, her body chemistry never recovered from the abortion, and the chemical imbalances in her brain, and the subsequent shock therapy and massive steroid injections, caused her to take her own life.

The second was a middle-aged married woman whose health was compromised by the pregnancy.

The third was a college student, the first in her family, and her parents forced her to abort her unborn child…the abortion left her sterile…she has regretted it through her twenty-plus years of marriage.

Sometimes abortion takes more than one life…

My daughter’s sister-in-law, an educated professional woman who was raised in a strongly practicing Presbyterian family, has had at least three of them, all associated with different “fathers.” She seems to use them as a form of birth control and has no discernable shame about it. She is one screwed-up chickadee.

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I interpreted it as “Thank God that no one I know has had to experience something so horrific” rather than “Thank God I don’t personally know any of those people.”


It’s the culture we live in.


Two women come to mind. The first, an old friend who suffered incest at the hands of her brother at 14yrs old and became pregnant. Their parents forced her to get an abortion against her will, and my friend has regretted it ever since.

The second woman is my mother. She tried to abort me, but for whatever reason I was spared. I’m the product of a “botched” abortion, so to speak. The family tried to get her to place me for adoption after I was born, but she kept me out of spite.

She also tried to get me to abort my two children, one just because she didn’t think her birth father was a “good match” for me. And just last month she tried to convince me that abortion is a good option because it’s better for a child to be aborted than to have abusive parents. And overpopulation. And because. My mom also has BPD. (I just sit quietly and plot my escape.)

Only child of a single mother, and all her crazy is laser-focused on me. My childhood was… interesting.

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It’s wrong to “thank God” that I do not know any people who killed their unborn children? To “thank God” that the people I know did not happen to commit murders?

To me, asking “do I know someone who had an abortion” is like you just asked me “do I know any doctors who euthanized a nursing home patient” or “do I know anyone who did a hit for the mob”. No, I don’t know any, and Thank God I don’t.

I appreciate that they may be remorseful and repentant later, but I would not want any of my friends or acquaintances to fall into such sin. Furthermore, I would be forced to tell them what I thought of their very serious action, and that would be a very difficult conversation for me.

The chances are that we all know someone who has been involved in an abortion, but, they may never tell you. Because the numbers are so high, and the pain is so immense, I have tried to always speak as if the person next to me either had an abortion or helped someone get an abortion.

I don’t use phrases like “murder” or talk about abortion in a way that would pull open old wounds that I may not know about. I talk about love and mercy and hope.

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